10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Princess Leia As A Character

Though Obi-Wan Kenobi is the famous person of the sequence that bears his identify, there’s no query that the younger Princess Leia steadily threatens to scouse borrow the display. With her precociousness and her fierce nature, she has proven, even at this younger age, that she is a drive to be reckoned with.

From the instant that she gave the impression in A New Hope, Leia has been probably the most sequence’ best possible and maximum liked characters, and he or she continues to exert a formidable dangle at the popular culture creativeness. In reality, there are a selection of memes that arrange to completely seize her persona and persona.

The Past Haunts The Present

Throughout Obi-Wan Kenobi, it’s transparent that an important courting in that sequence might be between Leia and Obi-Wan. However, that doesn’t imply that the younger princess isn’t going to present Obi-Wan the distinction one may be expecting. Of direction, the meme additionally performs a little bit with the concept that the previous Jedi may no longer recognize the best way that she teases him.


If anything else, on the other hand, the meme displays simply how irreverent Leia has all the time been, and the way she is going to all the time cross her personal means, even though it’s to her detriment.

Emotional Damage

A Star Wars meme about how different users use the Force

Part of what makes Leia one of these nice Star Wars persona is her innate skill to know others. It’s exactly this that no longer handiest makes her such an efficient chief–in a position to encourage others to do as she desires–but in addition to forged one of these spell on audience.

There is, as this meme suggests, one thing virtually mystical about her skill to develop into one of these fixture in pop culture, to such an extent that her dying, each on-screen and stale, is likely one of the maximum devastating within the sequence.

She’s An Inspiration

Various photos of Leia from Star Wars

There were many ambitious heroines on the earth of science fiction, however few have completed moderately the extent of luck as Princess Leia. This is a girl, in spite of everything, who braved all the may of the Empire–together with her personal father, Darth Vader–so as to battle for freedom, and he or she stored on doing goodbye previous the purpose when others would have given up.

Thus, it’s no longer unexpected that this meme would put across this, appearing simply how vital Leia has develop into to her legions of lovers.

A Force Of Nature

Leia sassing Han in Star Wars

There are many vital romances within the Star Wars universe, however few are as vital or as resonant as that between Han and Leia. Almost from the instant they met, it was once transparent that there have been going to be sparks between them and that each and every had met their fit with the opposite.

This meme cleverly issues out that, on the other hand cocky and confident he may well be, Han in fact responds to the best way that Leia takes fee of each scenario, even though that implies that he now and again finally ends up being the subordinate spouse.

The Voice Of Authority

Leia telling Han to get into the garbage chute in Star Wars

While the Star Wars fandom generally is a very welcoming position for lots of, it additionally has its problems, in particular surrounding gender. Some may insist that the sequence isn’t designed for girls and women however, as this meme cleverly issues out, that hasn’t ever been true.

In reality, a part of what offers this franchise its specific energy and longevity is the truth that Leia has been such an inspiration for such a lot of. She is aware of dominate a scene and make certain that even those that are despatched to rescue her do what she desires.

Oh Snap

Leia giving Han and Luke sass in Star Wars

Leia is the kind of one that doesn’t have a large number of endurance for fools or, extra to the purpose, for what she perspectives as foolish questions. It’s because of this that she has develop into such an efficient chief and that she manages to take fee in any given scenario.

This meme cleverly issues out that, when it comes proper right down to it, she is fascinated with just one factor, and that’s ensuring that her energies are being spent correctly, even though that suggests criticizing Luke and Han within the procedure.

A Woman Of Many Talents

A meme comparing Leia and Lukes maturity in Star Wars

Though Luke would cross directly to develop into probably the most Galaxy’s maximum ambitious Jedi, it must be stated that he rose from fairly inauspicious beginnings. This is in marked distinction to Leia, who, even at a tender age, confirmed that she was once a drive to be reckoned with.

This specific meme issues out simply how a lot she had controlled to perform by the point that she seems in A New Hope, appearing that she was once the kind of one that had ambitions and was once decided to deliver them to fruition.

It’s About Scale

Luke and Leia together in Star Wars after Obi Wan dies

Luke and Leia percentage an unbreakable bond, no longer handiest as a result of they’re siblings but in addition as a result of they have got been thru a really perfect deal. It must be stated, although, that Leia has a tendency to undergo up underneath duress in some way this is extra stoic than Luke.

This meme helpfully issues out that, although Leia watches her complete planet destroyed through the Death Star–together with, possibly, everybody that she has ever beloved–she nonetheless displays much less self-indulgence than Luke, which is helping to provide an explanation for why she is steadily noticed as one of the tough characters in Star Wars.

She Had It Under Control

Leia being ungrateful for rescue in Star Wars

Gratitude isn’t one thing that turns out to come back naturally to Leia. In section, it’s because she is a fiercely unbiased particular person, and he or she indubitably resents being beholden to any individual.

This meme helpfully issues out that, even if she was once scheduled for execution on the time she was once rescued through Luke and Han, it’s very most likely that, even had they no longer proven up, she would have discovered some manner of escaping from her imprisonment. If any individual may just conquer the not possible, it might should be Leia.

It’s The Sass

Leia being extra ungrateful about being rescued in Star Wars

Though they’re other in some ways, it’s nonetheless very transparent from the best way that they have interaction with one any other that Han and Leia recognize each and every different. However, this doesn’t imply that they aren’t additionally prepared to verbally spar with one any other.

This meme highlights the important thing part of this dynamic and, whilst it’s obtrusive that they’ve already felt the sparks of want, this doesn’t imply that both of them, particularly Han, goes to in fact admit that, even to themselves.

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