18 Fascinating Facts About Japan I Learned In Tokyo

Yes, that could be a rabbit on a lead.

Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m a Brit dwelling in London. I like to commute, and I’ve ALWAYS sought after to visit Japan!

I’ve forged my thoughts again to my pre-Covid commute, and put in combination an inventory of informal observations about Japan/Tokyo that I believed had been price citing.


There are those lorries that power round loudly enjoying tune, probably for promotional functions.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

Check out this making a song mouse who is gotten so hammered that he is handed out and misplaced his wig – what an icon!


There are sure eating places the place you’ll be able to order by means of a merchandising gadget!

Jemma Mills / Via Buzzfeed

The quicker method to dine for any misanthrope.


You should buy sandwiches with the crusts already bring to a halt!

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

Tbh, I used to be no longer mad at those.


You regularly get a little bit basket in a cafe to retailer your assets in when you sit down and devour.

Love this idea- in Japan all eating places/espresso retail outlets provide you with a basket when seated to position your purse or buying groceries in safely and tidily.


If you did not already know, Japan loves to stay issues ~neat~.


The site visitors cones we noticed had been wayyy extra thrilling than ours.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed, u/kinokokoro / Via reddit.com

Some illuminate, and a few are even painted with faces and designs, like those Fuji-inspired cones at Kawaguchi station.


Some puts have particular slippers to put on in the bathroom for hygiene causes. I’m advised folks additionally do the similar at house!


People do not simply take their canine for a stroll!

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

It’s in truth known as a “hop” when it is a rabbit.


Most retail outlets in Tokyo will clip your buying groceries bag along side tape as a proof-of-purchase.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

No ma’am, you can’t put on this out of the shop.


People cycle at the pavement in addition to the street.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

My anxiousness used to be at 110% for lots of the commute.


Convenience retail outlets have a actually wild vary of beverages, together with this fluorescent inexperienced melon soda, which I changed into hooked on.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed, Georgeclerk / Via Getty Images

Other delectable drinks I loved come with chilly milk tea, matcha latte, plum wine, and ALL OF THE CHU-HI – a flavoured highball cocktail made with a Japanese liquor known as shōchū.


The entire nation is obsessive about adorable issues e.g. kittens, doggies, rabbits, mice.

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

I imply, I assume we already knew that, however I can’t tension sufficient what number of ads, merchandise, and services and products are plastered with ~kawaii~ characters!


Train seats may also be turned around within the course of commute in your excitement.

Bruno Stévant / Via youtube.com

Say sayōnara to commute illness!


There are those flat wood flip-flops known as “geta” (very similar to clogs), which Japanese folks occasionally put on.


You cannot smoke simply any place – there are those designated cages in the street for people who smoke.


95% of the bathrooms are ~tremendous~ fancy, with a lot of buttons to give a boost to your toilet-going revel in!

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

Options come with seat-heating, bidet, karaoke, and ejector seat.


There are those “maid cafes” the place younger ladies get dressed up in maid outfits and serve you food and drinks.


And in spite of everything, when a educate pulls right into a tube station, an lovable little jingle performs over the tannoy.

Bee32 / Via Getty Images

Depending on what line you might be on, the jingle adjustments!


Bonus: I HAD to incorporate this level about mask, which I wrote again in 2019… And after all, everybody wears face mask for causes as various as short of to steer clear of air air pollution, allergens, or germs, and even short of to hide up a place or blemish!

Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

#TBT when mask had been an enormous novelty!

Anyway, hope to look you once more quickly, Japan!!! 🇯🇵♥️🇯🇵♥️🇯🇵

Have you ever been to Tokyo or Japan and spotted the rest abnormal or superb? Let us know within the feedback under!

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