18 Rom-Com Scenes That Are Actually Creepy

If somebody attempted to sing to me in public, I’d merely run away.

I’ve all the time been a rom-com fiend – you identify it, I’ve watched and liked it!

But there are for sure instances when the nice and cozy, fuzzy feeling of a just right rom-com has worn off, and also you realise how ~bizarre~ a few of their so-called “romantic” moments have been.


For example, turning up on somebody’s doorstep and professing your like to them by way of playing cards.

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Love Actually is among the highest rom-coms round (in my humble opinion), and whilst I am getting the sentiment, there are many issues about this scene that simply do not make sense. Firstly, she’s his highest pal’s spouse! Secondly, who would ever imagine somebody would keep on the door for that lengthy if it have been carol singers? Thirdly, what would occur if his pal had opened the door as a substitute? Most of all, if somebody ever confirmed up randomly with a host of playing cards to inform me they liked me, after which walked away to only return to standard, it could be exhausting to fake NOTHING had took place, tbh.


Or mountaineering via somebody’s window and looking at them sleep!

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I do not actually know if I want to persuade you that somebody mountaineering via your window and observing you when you sleep each and every evening is not romantic, it is simply creepy. Nevertheless, Edward and Bella’s love tale will move down in teen-angst ridden historical past!


Singing to the individual you prefer in an excessively public area in entrance of everybody they know.

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High college used to be embarrassing sufficient with out somebody creating a grand gesture that concerned dancing, making a song, and the campus safety – I’m purple from the embarrassment simply desirous about it!


Dashing via airport safety to inform somebody you like them.

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This is arguably one of the most highest scenes from Love Actually, however in fact, should you one way or the other controlled to run via airport safety simply to inform somebody you like them, you would be taking a look at flight delays and a jail sentence as a substitute of a “children shall be children” second.


Or even preventing a airplane from setting out utterly for romance!

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At the top of Liar Liar, Jim Carrey’s personality is confronted along with his son and his ex-wife leaving for a brand new existence. So, like all rational human-being, he comes to a decision to hijack an airport stair escalator at the runway and force it along the shifting airplane. The finishing? His ex-wife lets in Jim Carrey’s son to stick with him as he is obviously confirmed he is a secure and accountable father determine.


Standing outdoor of somebody’s window and enjoying loud song to your boombox to get them again.

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Now my folks, my neighbours, and somebody inside a mile radius know that you just broke my center, and all of us need to pay attention in your dangerous style in song. Just ship me a Spotify playlist subsequent time.


Persistently asking an ideal stranger out.

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In 27 Dresses, James Marsden’s personality meets a lady as soon as, unearths the diary that she leaves in a taxi, and proceeds to jot down his identify and quantity in each and every Saturday for the remainder of the 12 months till she concurs to head on a date with him. As captivating as his smile used to be, being this power so early on is a large purple flag to me.


Hanging off a ferris wheel to make somebody move out with you even if they have already became you down.

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Speaking of purple flags, The Notebook would possibly include the biggest one of all of them. Noah asks Allie to bounce, she says no, so he comes to a decision to hold off a ferris wheel till she concurs to head out with him. It’s no longer romantic, it is simply coercion.


Fighting somebody for someone else, bodily and in public… Colin Firth and Hugh Grant – I’m taking a look at you!

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Although it is a loved and funny scene, if two guys made up our minds to have a brawl proper outdoor my native eating place, I’d for sure imagine blockading them each out of sheer embarrassment.


Throwing elaborate events simply to get the eye of a novel individual.

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I comprehend it’s no longer a rom-com according to se, however it is indisputably value citing. Gatsby used to be so in love with Daisy that he made up our minds to throw one of the vital greatest events New York has ever observed. It’s a fairly large gesture, but additionally kinda determined… Sorry Jay!


Dating somebody as a gamble, after which falling in love with them as soon as they have had their “makeover”.


It’s a vintage story – jock makes a gamble to show a colorless woman into the preferred woman in class sooner than promenade comes round. We’re then compelled to imagine that once her makeover (AKA, hair has been brushed and glasses had been taken off) she all at once appears so utterly other that he can not imagine how gorgeous she is. Romance stage: 1/10.


Going from pals with advantages to fanatics.

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The pals with advantages to like pipeline could also be commonplace in films, however in actual existence it may be just a little extra awkward and one-sided, so it is a no from me.


Listing somebody’s attributes in a spur-of-the-moment kinda method.

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It can also be candy realizing that somebody loves each and every little factor about you, however once in a while it feels just a little bit like they are striking you underneath a microscope. Also, I will be able to consider feeling no longer so proud of a man commenting on my wrinkles.


Scaling the wall of your ex’s area simply to talk to them.


Okay, so High School Musical may not be an ordinary rom-com, however Troy and Gabriella’s romance used to be an enormous a part of lots of our childhoods. Younger me used to be ecstatic to peer Troy seeking to get Gabriella again, however please don’t scale my area and seem in my bed room – it is simply no longer cool.


Pretending to be concerned with somebody if you end up no longer.


To All The Boys I Loved Before captured one of the vital highest tropes from older rom-coms, however this complete faux courting trope simply turns out method too messy and ends up in miscommunication too frequently for it to paintings in actual existence.


Interrupting a marriage after which leaving your spouse on the adjust for somebody else.

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Remember when Hugh Grant admitted to loving somebody else simply as he used to be about to wed his spouse? He additionally were given punched via his now ex-fiancée, simply so as to add to the humiliation of all of it. Not precisely the come on desires are made from.


Also, interrupting someone else’s marriage ceremony to profess your love for somebody there.

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Imagine it – you might be excited in your marriage ceremony day and any other couple utterly steals the display via pointing out their love for every different in entrance of your whole visitors. I believe I’d have to invite to redo my whole marriage ceremony, tbh.


And in fact, kissing within the rain.


Dear John makes kissing within the rain appear euphoric nearly, however in my opinion I will be able to’t recall to mind anything else worse than soggy garments, frizzy hair, and the chilly that comes after it. Honourable mentions additionally come with A Cinderella Story and The Notebook which additionally attempt to let us know the similar lie.

Are there every other rom-com moments that strike you as tremendous bizarre or in truth reasonably creepy? Let us know within the feedback!

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