8 Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Theories Based On The Latest Trailer

The newest Stranger Things has dropped so in fact we needed to analyse each and every 2d of it. Here are our Stranger Things season 4 quantity two theories, multi function position. Buckle up, you’re in for a wild journey.

To everybody who informed me English extension was once a pointless topic to do in my HSC, all I’ve to mention is that this: by no means have my movie-analysis abilities come extra in at hand than at this time.

If you haven’t already watched the most recent Stranger Things season 4 quantity two trailer, peep it beneath.

Now that we’ve were given that out of the way in which, let’s dive into the entire theories we reckon are imaginable from this photos by myself.

Eddie Munson goes to be have an epic guitar second in Stranger Things 4 quantity 2 just like the Kate Bush scene


Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) began off as somewhat the nature in Stranger Things season 4. He was once humorous, daring and didn’t give AF about folks’s evaluations.

I used to be left disillusioned when he spent many of the display in hiding and speaking about how cowardly he feels. It didn’t appear in keeping with how he was once to begin with offered — however now I’ve a concept as to why.

In the brand new trailer, Eddie grabs an electrical guitar within the Upside Down sooner than we glimpse him atop the roof of his caravan, enjoying his fkn coronary heart out as crimson lightning moves.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
“I will actually nut if this happens” – My editor.

Joseph Quinn informed The Guardian there can be a “guitar scene” with “scale and ambition” which he described as “astonishing”.

We know Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) hang on his sufferers can also be disrupted through activating the neurological paths of their brains that reply to tune, proper? I reckon we’re going to have an enormous, emotional scene of Eddie enjoying heavy steel tune on his guitar within the Upside Down whilst a wide variety of chaos is going on round him.

I’m pondering a mammoth collection on par with Max’s (Sadie Sink) get away from Vecna to Kate Bush‘s iconic “Running Up That Hill”. A rising musical sequence like the “Never Ending Story” in season three to whip us into a frenzy. You didn’t suppose we’d most effective get one heart-swelling musical scene on this season, did you?

This finale is alleged to be at a scale we’ve by no means observed sooner than and Eddie is but to have the grand second we all know his personality was once arrange for, so my concept is that this will likely be it.

Lucas loses his probability to avoid wasting Max from Vecna

Okay, let’s back off for a 2d. We know Max was once intended to be one among Vecna’s sufferers however she escaped as a result of her pals performed her favorite track and down to earth her into fact. This doesn’t imply she’s protected for just right.

In the trailer we see Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Erica (Priah Ferguson) and Max heading into the Creel mansion, which we all know is the place Vecna lives within the Upside Down.

We additionally see snippets of Lucas stepping into a punch on with evil jock Jason Carver (Mason Dye) in the similar mansion.

He’s bathed in blue mild which is necessary as a result of in every other glimpse, we see Max respiring closely whilst attaining to flick on her walkman whilst in the similar blue mild. We can relatively wager the 2 are in combination when this occurs.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
There’s just one particular person I believe Lucas would scream like this over…

And then we see Lucas having a look up whilst screaming, nonetheless bathed in blue mild. And Max within the clutches of Vecna.

I reckon Jason interrupted no matter Max and Lucas’ plan was once, distracting Lucas whilst Max was once taken. And then perhaps, up to it pains me to mention it, Max dies. Or a minimum of turns into trapped.

We know the stakes are upper this season and there’s a chance major characters will die. I wish to consider Max survives, I actually do. But she joined the crowd final, so narratively it is smart for her to be the primary to die.

Max stranger things 4

Not to say it could deliver her survivor’s guilt subplot about Billy (Dacre Montgomery) to an finish. She can be reunited with him in demise, and the remainder of the crowd can be traumatised but actually have a purpose to struggle for.

Plus, Vecna tells Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) that her pals “have lost”. What higher struggle to lose than the only to avoid wasting Max?

Our cherished Enzo dies on the finish of Stranger Things 4

Have you spotted that during each and every Stranger Things season, a newly presented facet personality who’s on the subject of the principle solid dies? And their demise indicates a shift in a central personality’s arc?

In season one it was once Barbara (Shannon Purser), Nancy’s (Natalie Dyer) highest pal. Her demise driven Nancy into investigating the extraordinary occurrences in Hawkins.

In season two it was once Joyce’s (Winona Ryder) new love pastime Bob (Sean Austin), who sacrificed himself to avoid wasting her and the children. His demise introduced up the stakes of the display and in addition unfolded a possible romance between Joyce and Hopper (David Harbour).

In season 3 it was once Billy, which despatched Max right into a depressive spiral, making her the very best sufferer for Vecna.

This season, our two new habitual characters are Eddie Munson and Enzo (Tom Wlaschiha).

Since Joseph Quinn informed The Guardian he’s prepared to come back again subsequent season, we will more than likely rule out his demise. He’s additionally a couple of years older than the remainder of the crowd, which means he isn’t a child and subsequently now not a goal of Vecna.

Enzo, on the other hand, will more than likely die.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With

Enzo isn’t pictured with Joyce, Hopper and Murray (Brett Gelman), so we will suppose he both splits off from the crowd to stick with the Russians or dies. However, the voice-over within the above screenshot says: “It might not work out for us this time.”

His demise would give Hopper a reason why to live on since final we noticed him, he was once feeling a bit nihilistic. Plus, I will be able to already listen the pre-death monologue about being just right fathers.

Enzo says he doesn’t wish to a die as a traitor previous within the season — foreshadowing?

If Max doesn’t die, our Stranger Things 4 theories reckon Nancy or Joyce may

In the trailer we see Will (Noah Schnapp) clinging to important brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and sobbing.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
Such an underrated courting!!

Sure, it might be an emotional popping out scene, however the ones tears appear beautiful earth-shattering. I believe any individual dies, particularly as a result of any individual has to if this season is to reside as much as the terrible descriptives it’s been given through creators.

Who would Will be crying over? I doubt Mike dies taking into account he isn’t in any speedy threat at this time. That leaves Joyce, or perhaps Nancy since she was once courting Jonathan and almost circle of relatives.

In the Stranger Things season 4 quantity two teaser launched previous this month, we see Steve (Joe Keery) seeking to loose Joyce from Vecna’s clutches within the Upside Down.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
The duo I didn’t know I wanted??

Again, Vecna says “Your friends have lost” and “Hawkins has fallen”. Perhaps this comprises Joyce’s demise? It explains the shot of Will and Jonathan sobbing, since they’re her sons and they’ve nobody else.

As horrible as that is to confess, Steve would possibly not make it out of this alive.

Okay, I do know I’ve were given a large number of Stranger Things season 4 quantity two theories about other people demise. I don’t suppose *all* of those characters will die, but when any do it’ll be this type of guys.

Steve’s demise is one thing I’ve felt coming for a while now. Think about it: He was once presented as a jock/bully and during the last 4 seasons has had probably the most spectacular redemption arc I’ve ever observed, rivalled most effective through Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender.

He’s ticked each and every field at the narrative arc tick list and now he’s wandering round with chunks of flesh lacking on account of the demobats.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
The literal love of my existence. I do know I stated he may die however I’m gonna prevent observing if he does.

I believe he’s going to sacrifice himself to avoid wasting the crowd in some last-stand situation. The most effective a part of his arc left is to both “get the girl” or die. While his romance with Nancy has almost been shoved down our throats this season, the display didn’t spend all that point construction her courting with Jonathan for not anything.

Steve is all the time throwing himself head-first into the struggle. Self-sacrificing is a part of his hero narrative.

We Dissected The 2-Min Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 & Here’s 8 Theories We Came Up With
Look me within the eye and inform me this isn’t Dustin mourning Steve.

What if Steve, in a final ditch effort to avoid wasting the day, sacrifices himself like he all the time bloody does? And what if, simply sooner than this, he kisses Nancy? And then he dies, uncomplicating Nancy’s romance with Jonathan and leaving their tale to a tidy shut.

It’s sadistic, and it makes me nauseous simply occupied with it, however… Steve demise will be the most effective demise that actually hurts audience. It’s the only we will by no means settle for. He’s probably the most cherished personality and he’s lately injured with a mostly-complete arc. Do the mathematics.

Vecna is launched into Hawkins sooner than he’s defeated

We wrote in our Stranger Things season 4 Easter eggs spherical up that Vecna was once impressed through Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) from Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). There are already theories the 2 tales will parallel each and every different.

In Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger murders teenagers of their goals. It’s published he was once a kid assassin who killed 20 kids however escaped justice on a technicality. He was once burned alive through vengeful oldsters of his sufferers as a type of vigilante justice.

The major characters attempt to defeat Freddy Krueger through dragging him into the actual global, the place he turns into mortal. They consider his energy over them is dependant on their worry of him.

Vecna stranger things 4
Is this a dream collection or is he if truth be told within the Hawkins lab?

Obviously there are a large number of parallels right here, what with Vecna as soon as being Henry Creel, additionally a mass kid assassin who was once then yeeted into every other measurement. If the parallels proceed, the Hawkins gang should trap him out of the Upside Down to defeat him.

Vecna says he has been “freed” within the trailer, so I reckon this is without doubt one of the extra sound Stranger Things season 4 quantity two theories.

Whether the crowd if truth be told does defeat him is one thing else —  since within the first Nightmare on Elm Street film, Freddy Krueger wins.

Will goes to play an enormous function within the Stranger Things 4 quantity 2 finale

So, we all know Will has a unusual reference to the Upside Down. Judging from his revelation Vecna gained’t prevent till he’s “taken everyone”, I believe we will suppose his connection stays.

will stranger things season four volume two trailer
He informed me himself, we’re beautiful tight if truth be told.

He’s additionally portray one thing he’s holding to himself and he’s feeling remoted from his pals.

I’ve been so perplexed about Will’s storyline this season as it looks like he’s been solid apart. Pretty a lot not anything he’s performed or stated has had plot relevance, even supposing he was once the principle personality in previous seasons.

I’ve to consider the writers haven’t deserted him, so my concept for Stranger Things season 4 quantity two is his function will likely be speaking Vecna’s ideas/actions/motives/weaknesses to the Hawkins group. I believe he’ll give them necessary wisdom that’ll be the variation between existence and demise, after all making him and his Upside Down connection related.

Stranger Things 4 ends with the Mind Flayer escaping the Upside Down

stranger things trailer
Flashback to season two.

See the smoke straining by contrast wall of glass within the Stranger Things quantity two trailer? My concept is that’s the Mind Flayer.

It’s glaring Joyce, Hopper and Murray are in a lab of a few type. Whether they’re in Hawkins or Russia doesn’t subject as a result of each have a portal to the Upside Down.

Season 5 is the general season of Stranger Things, and Vecna is the Mind Flayer’s common. It’ll be the general boss struggle. If Vecna probably wins on the finish of this season (which is my concept), smartly, it is a hell of a cliff-hanger to depart on.

This is one among my fave theories as it moves terror into my coronary heart. Leave my young children by myself and allow them to reside lengthy healthy lives!!!

Stranger Things season 4 quantity two will likely be to be had to move on Netflix on July 1st.



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