Analysing the sector’s ideally suited Fantasy managers

Our Hall of Fame was once given a refresh on the finish of 2021/22, permitting us to look how the record of best-performing Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers had been suffering from final season’s issues.

For the uninitiated, the Hall of Fame is a score machine implemented to everybody who takes section in both of our FPL leagues. Managers’ previous and provide performances are then tracked to offer a Hall of Fame (HoF) ranking.

The Live model of our Hall of Fame can simplest be considered by way of Premium Members however everybody can get entry to the Career Hall of Fame by way of clicking right here.

Further knowledge at the Hall of Fame is integrated on the backside of this text, however on the other hand, you’ll be able to view this film to hear Mark Sutherns and Rate My Team’s Chris Atkinson talk about the function.

Following our assessment of the highest 10 FPL managers, we now flip our consideration to how they carried out in 2021/22, from chip method to captaincy.




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Chip methods have been numerous among the highest 10 managers in 2021/22, even if Gameweek 37 proved a well-liked time to Free Hit, with six of the 8 bosses who deployed the chip hitting over 100 issues.

John Canning produced the most efficient general Bench Boost rating, with 146, whilst Brusdal Brusdal was once much less a hit, hitting simply 79.

Meanwhile, the good fortune of the Triple Captain chip got here all the way down to whether or not they have been within the Gameweek 26 camp as Mohamed Salah hit 28 issues in opposition to Norwich City and Leeds United, or whether or not they have been much less lucky along with his game-time in Gameweek 29.

However, Sean Connors and Petteri Yilmaa bucked the fad, handing the armband to Jarrod Bowen and Son Heung-min, who registered 21 and 12 issues respectively.


  • Overall rank: 222nd
  • Total issues: 2739
  • Total captain issues: 776
  • Captains: Salah (21), Son (5), Fernandes (3), Ronaldo (2), Weghorst, Saka, Richarlison, King, James, Cancelo, Bowen (1)
  • Total transfers: 42
  • Total issues hits: 36
  • Immediate switch issues: 490
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (12), 3-5-2 (10), 4-3-3 (7)

Fábio consolidated his place on the most sensible of the Hall of Fame by way of completing 222nd in 2021/22.

The Portugal primary made his transfer over Christmas, mountaineering from 140k to the highest 5,000 inside six Gameweeks.

Using the superb ‘Team Picks over Season’ software by way of FPL Optimized, we will be able to see that Fábio in large part have shyed away from the top class forwards in 2021/22. In truth, he simplest owned Harry Kane for 2 Gameweeks, which coincided with the deployment of his two Free Hit chips.

3-4-3 and 3-5-2 have been his favoured formations, whilst simplest two managers within the Hall of Fame most sensible 10 may beat him for captaincy issues around the season.

Fábio hasn’t ever ended up outdoor of the highest 20,000 in 8 seasons of taking part in, with the marketing campaign simply long past his 6th successive end inside the most sensible 5k.

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  • Overall rank: 210th
  • Total issues: 2740
  • Total captain issues: 698
  • Captains: Salah (18), Ronaldo (6), Kane (3), Wood, Weghorst, Son, Richarlison, Raphinha, Jota, Havertz, Fernandes, Dennis, Bowen, Antonio (1)
  • Total transfers: 46
  • Total issues hits: 56
  • Immediate switch issues: 431
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (10), 3-5-2 (9), 4-4-2 (8)

Finishing forward of even Fábio within the season simply long past was once Finn Sollie, in spite of registering 78 fewer captaincy issues than his Hall of Fame rival.

And he in reality combined it up with captaincy, too, handing the armband to fourteen other gamers around the season, together with the likes of Chris Wood and Raphinha.

Like Fábio, his favoured formations have been 3-4-3 and 3-5-2, even if he did use a 4-4-2 on 8 events.

This previous season was once Finn’s 2d successive general rank within the most sensible 1,000, and the Norwegian was once even threatening to win the entire thing when situated at thirty fifth on the planet after Gameweek 32.

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  • Overall rank: sixtieth
  • Total issues: 2771
  • Total captain issues: 740
  • Captains: Salah (19), Ronaldo (3), Son, Kane, Jota, Fernandes (2), Weghorst, Richarlison, Mount, King, Coutinho, Cancelo, Bowen, Antonio (1)
  • Total transfers: 46
  • Total issues hits: 56
  • Immediate switch issues: 449
  • Most-used formations: 3-5-2 (13), 3-4-3 (11), 4-4-2 (5)

Another supervisor to thread in combination back-to-back most sensible 1k finishes was once John Canning, who ended a very good sixtieth in 2021/22.

John were given off to an excellent get started and was once ranked within the most sensible 10,000 after Gameweek 1, and didn’t drop out of the highest 20,000 from Gameweek 20 onwards.

A complete of 13 finishes within the most sensible 40k had been recorded by way of John, 8 of which were within the magic 10,000 mark.


  • Overall rank: 2554th
  • Total issues: 2673
  • Total captain issues: 832
  • Captains: Salah (20), Kane, Fernandes (4), Ronaldo (2), Weghorst, Son, Richarlison, Jota, Havertz, Dennis, De Bruyne, Bowen (1)
  • Total transfers: 47
  • Total issues hits: 56
  • Immediate switch issues: 545
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (14), 3-5-2 (10), 4-4-2 (5)

Brusdal Brusdal registered a whopping 832 captaincy issues in 2021/22 and was once a hit with 30/38 alternatives.

The new Hall of Fame quantity 4 made an unbelievable jump from 1.2 million in Gameweek 8 to a few.6k in Gameweek 18, therefore spending 8 Gameweeks bobbing across the most sensible 1,000.

A last general rank of two,554 was once nonetheless superb and the Norwegian’s 7th within the most sensible 10k.


  • Overall rank: 1180th
  • Total issues: 2696
  • Total captain issues: 712
  • Captains: Salah (19), Ronaldo, Kane (3), Son, Lukaku (2), Weghorst, Saka, Richarlison, Mount, King, James, Bowen, Antonio, Alexander-Arnold (1)
  • Total transfers: 43
  • Total issues hits: 40
  • Immediate switch issues: 387
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (14), 4-3-3 (8), 3-5-2 (6)

A relative newcomer like Fábio, Matt has ‘only’ been taking part in FPL for 8 seasons and completed along with his best possible ever rank in 2021/22, courtesy of a 1180th position end.

Matt spent all of the season within the most sensible 25,000, along with his Gameweek 1 rank of 14,006 his ideally suited of the marketing campaign.

He was once additionally the one supervisor within the most sensible 10 to captain Trent Alexander-Arnold final season, unusually for his away travel to Leicester City in Gameweek 20, which produced simply two issues.


  • Overall rank: 278th
  • Total issues: 2734
  • Total captain issues: 743
  • Captains: Salah (17), Son (5), Ronaldo (3), Jota, Fernandes (2), Weghorst, Smith Rowe, Mount, Lukaku, Dennis, Coutinho, Cash, Bowen, Antonio (1)
  • Total transfers: 43
  • Total issues hits: 44
  • Immediate switch issues: 326
  • Most-used formations: 4-4-2 (12), 3-5-2 (8), 3-4-3 (6)

Sean Connors was once any other Hall of Famer to complete within the most sensible 300 this season.

A run of 13 inexperienced arrows within the ultimate 15 Gameweeks, plus a Gameweek 21 rank of one hundred and fifth, helped Sean as much as 278th on the planet.

Notably, his favoured formation was once a 4-4-2, whilst he was once additionally simplest one among two managers in this record who didn’t Triple Captain Mohamed Salah, as an alternative choosing Jarrod Bowen in Double Gameweek 21.

This was once Sean’s 2d most sensible 1k end however he has additionally had two different ranks (1,044th and 1,002nd) that fell simply wanting that landmark quantity.


  • Overall rank: 1668th
  • Total issues: 2686
  • Total captain issues: 682
  • Captains: Salah (20), Son (5), Ronaldo (3), Lukaku (2), Weghorst, Mount, James, Fernandes, Dennis, Cancelo, Bowen, Antonio
  • Total transfers: 50
  • Total issues hits: 68
  • Immediate switch issues: 412
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (10), 4-4-2 (9), 3-5-2 (6)

The global quantity 11 in 2018/19 added to their record of spectacular finishes in 2021/22, with a 3rd general rank inside the most sensible 3k within the final 4 years.

And that’s in spite of registering simply 682 captaincy issues, 150 fewer than Brusdal Brusdal’s general.

Along with Petteri, David was once additionally one of the vital extra competitive managers when it comes to transfers, taking 68 general issues hits around the season.


  • Overall rank: 123rd
  • Total issues: 2752
  • Total captain issues: 768
  • Captains: Salah (17), Ronaldo (6), Son (4), Jota, Antonio (2), Weghorst, Richarlison, Raphinha, Lacazette, King, Havertz, Bowen
  • Total transfers: 49
  • Total issues hits: 64
  • Immediate switch issues: 477
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (11), 4-4-2, 3-5-2 (9)

Markku Ojala’s 2021/22 rank of 123rd was once accomplished with seven inexperienced arrows within the final 8 Gameweeks, in spite of all however one chip having been spent sooner than that time.

His Gameweek 33 rank of five,335 was once a selected spotlight, as 9 of his beginning XI returned, together with hat-trick hero and captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

The final seven seasons for Markku had been an actual good fortune tale: the Finn has completed within the most sensible 25k in every of the ones campaigns, with two of the final 3 being inside the most sensible 1k.


  • Overall rank: 22,133rd
  • Total issues: 2592
  • Total captain issues: 670
  • Captains: Salah (18), Ronaldo (5), Kane (3), Son, Antonio (2), Wood, Weghorst, Rudiger, Richarlison, Mount, King, Jota, Fernandes
  • Total transfers: 46
  • Total issues hits: 56
  • Immediate switch issues: 438
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (11), 4-4-2 (8), 3-5-2, 4-3-3 (7)

The indisputable fact that an general rank of twenty-two,133 was once sufficient to look Tom drop seven puts in our Hall of Fame displays how ridiculous the usual is on the higher echelons.

Tom spent everything of 2021/22 within the most sensible 60,000, however suffered because of his 670 captaincy issues general, which was once 162 issues fewer than Brusdal Brusdal and 106 in the back of Fábio.

One of essentially the most constant managers because the flip of the decade, Tom Stephenson hasn’t ever completed outdoor the highest 30k in his final 12 seasons.


  • Overall rank: 837th
  • Total issues: 2706
  • Total captain issues: 808
  • Captains: Salah (19), Son (4), Fernandes, Antonio (3), Bowen (2), Weghorst, Richarlison, Mount, King, Kane, Jota, James
  • Total transfers: 50
  • Total issues hits: 68
  • Immediate switch issues: 437
  • Most-used formations: 3-4-3 (15), 3-5-2, 4-4-2 (8)

Another flying Finn in our table-topping record, Petteri completed 837th in 2021/22.

Gameweek 38 was once the primary time that our new Hall of Fame quantity 10 had ventured within the most sensible 1k within the season simply long past, with 5 chips deployed within the ultimate 9 Gameweeks to help with that overdue surge.

Petteri was once the one supervisor in this record to make use of the Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 30, which noticed him report an outstanding Gameweek rank of 56,289, in spite of together with Raul Jimenez who was once despatched off, registering -2 issues within the procedure.


Salah Triple Captain, Son in: FPL Double Gameweek 26 reaction 2

The 2021/22 season is over, however have been there any collective traits among the highest FPL bosses that we will be able to be informed from?

Firstly, 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 have been essentially the most extensively used formations around the season, with 9 of the highest 10 putting in their Gameweek 1 squads in a type of two shapes.

However, because the season improved, back-four formations like 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 have been extra extensively used, particularly by way of the highest 3 Fábio, Finn and John.

Fábio, in the meantime, nonetheless depended on Mohamed Salah with the armband, in spite of his post-Africa Cup of Nations wobble. For instance, the Hall of Fame primary captained the Egyptian in 5 of the final 9 Gameweeks he was once to be had for.

Aside from Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, Son Heung-min and Harry Kane have been the preferred captain alternatives, whilst two fits trumped one, with the highest bosses handing Wout Weghorst and one among Emmanuel Dennis or Josh King the armband for Burnley and Watford’s respective double-headers.

Notably, they all used their first Wildcard previous to Gameweek 10, however this coming season may most likely provide other demanding situations, with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar happening in November.


How is my ranking calculated?
The “HoF Rating” is according to your issues ratings from earlier FPL seasons, with the most recent season weighted the heaviest and every corresponding season weighted at more or less 80% that of the former season. So, in different phrases, those that carried out ideally suited in 2021/22 will obtain a larger HoF Rating spice up from those that did ideally suited in 2007/08. The “HoF Ranking” even lets in for the ones with lacking years, adapting the formulation accordingly to permit inexperienced persons to rank along the veterans of FPL.

How do I sign up for the Hall of Fame?
Simply signal as much as our leagues subsequent season, both the Fantasy Football Scout league or, in case you’re a member, the Fantasy Football Scout Members’ league – the code for the latter might be to be had at the dashboard of the Members’ Area after release.

How do I to find myself within the Hall of Fame?
The seek field on the most sensible of the score tables permits you to seek by way of surname or by way of FPL ID.

What if I don’t wish to be indexed?
Either notify us by way of kingdom or just go away the related Fantasy Football Scout FPL league and also you’ll be got rid of at the subsequent replace.

When does the Hall of Fame get up to date?
The Career desk is to be had to all and is up to date on the finish of every season to show the most recent ratings. The Live model, obtainable simplest to Members, is up to date sporadically all over the season to replicate the ratings of the present marketing campaign.

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