‘Blonde’ Director Says It’ll Be ‘One Of The Ten Best Movies Ever Made’


  • Ana de Armas stars as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde.
  • Director Andrew Dominik in the past stated he believes it may be one of the vital “ten best films ever made.”
  • Blonde hits Netflix on Friday, September 23.

After years of manufacturing and next delays, Andrew Dominik’s Blonde — an NC-17 Netflix movie about Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas within the name function — is now inside touching distance as Netflix launched the primary trailer for the movie previous this week, along with confirming its September 23 unlock date.

Given the subject material — Marilyn Monroe is without doubt one of the maximum iconic girls within the historical past of American tradition –, the celebrity (Ana de Armas is one among Hollywood’s fast-rising A-list actresses), and its already-infamous NC-17 ranking, anticipation for the movie is understandably prime.

Director Andrew Dominik, who has in the past helmed movies akin to Killing Them Softly and The Assassination of Jesse James by means of the Coward Robert Ford, is without a doubt doing his section to hype up the challenge, as he now not most effective teased that it’ll “offend everyone,” however he additionally claimed it’ll be one of the vital “ten best movies ever made.”

Blonde director Andrew Dominik believes it’ll be one of the vital “ten best movies ever made”

“I think that Blonde will be one of the ten best movies ever made. That’s why I want to do it,” Dominik stated in an interview with Collider a couple of years again.

“It’s a film about the human condition. It tells the story of how a childhood trauma shapes an adult who’s split between a public and a private self. It’s basically the story of every human being, but it’s using a certain sense of association that we have with something very familiar, just through media exposure,” he persevered.

“It takes all of those things and turns the meanings of them inside out, according to how she feels, which is basically how we live. It’s how we all operate in the world. It just seems to me to be very resonant. I think the project has got a lot of really exciting possibilities, in terms of what can be done, cinematically.”

In addition to de Armas — who additionally has initiatives akin to The Gray Man, Ghosted, and the John Wick derivative Ballerina due out within the coming months and years — within the lead function, Blonde stars Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, and Julianne Nicholson. Blonde will reportedly premiere at Venice Film Festival earlier than hitting Netflix on September 23.

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