Chris Evans Captain America Return: He’d Prefer Johnny Storm

Evans, and his Fantastic four cast from the 2015 film.

Chris Evans (left) loves the theory of a Johnny Storm multiverse cameo.
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What does the longer term hang for Chris Evans and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If rumors are true, the actor has been in a position to fit up as Captain America once more for over a 12 months. He himself has denied that, and Marvel Studios doesn’t cope with rumors, however in a brand new interview the person at the back of the protect warmed as much as an much more unorthodox go back to the MCU.

Back in 2005, years earlier than the Marvel Cinematic Universe would in point of fact take off, Evans performs Johnny Storm, one of the vital individuals of the Fantastic Four, in a Fantastic Four film. He then reprised the function in 2007’s sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer which, once more, predated the present MCU. However, with Phase Four now in complete swing and the multiverse opening up countless probabilities, we’ve already noticed a number of actors go back as their pre-MCU roles (equivalent to Patrick Stewart as Professor X in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home) so Evans used to be requested about no longer returning as Cap, however returning as Johnny.

“Look, I would love it. I would love it,” Evans stated to MTV News. “ That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as Cap. You know what I mean? Cap is so precious to me. And you know, I almost don’t wanna disrupt what a beautiful experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he didn’t really get his day. That was before Marvel really found its footing. So, I loved that role and, you know, who knows?”

As a laugh as the theory sounds regardless that, there are two giant problems. One, there’s a Fantastic Four film already within the works and two, no person has ever requested Evans about it. “God, wouldn’t that be great?” Evans added. “ No, no one’s ever come to me about that. I mean, I don’t exactly look the same anymore. That was 15, almost 20 years ago. Oh my God, I’m old. But I really love that character, but I think… aren’t they doing something now with Fantastic Four?” Here’s the overall interview, with the above quotes about 8 mins in.

Chris Evans on “Lightyear”, Anxiety, & The MCU 🧑‍🚀 MTV News

Having performed Captain America via a number of motion pictures and more than one years, Evans may be very seasoned in the case of answering these kind of questions. That stated, the truth he’s so keen to entertain this chance is sort of evidence itself that it might by no means occur. It turns out a lot more believable we’d see him as Captain America returning all of the Infinity Stones, or in some capability within the tale of the brand new Captain America, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). Especially as a result of he’s no longer speaking about the ones issues. But hiya, why no longer each?

Evans can recently be heard in Pixar’s Lightyear. We’ll subsequent see him in Netflix’s The Gray Man, directed by means of his Avengers: Endgame administrators, the Russos Brothers.

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