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Cue wobbly visuals and dreamlike incidental tune as you return with us now to 1986, a time when equipment sticks had been wands, tachos had been clocks, and plastic truly was once very plasticky certainly. Come again to the Citroen AX, the alternative for the Visa, which was once a bank card that still doubled up as an excessively unpleasant automotive.ย 

The Visa would possibly had been unpleasant, actually it maximum surely was once, however in GT shape it was once an absolute hoot to force. Most vehicles are when their major design standards are (1) a sprightly engine and (2) now not a lot weight. The somewhat much less unpleasant, well quirky AX picked up the Visaโ€™s spindly, crash-crumpled baton and skipped calmly off with it.ย 

As everyone knows, the 85hp GT, the 95hp Sport or the 100hp/120mph GTi are the variations everyone lusts after in this day and age, as certainly they did thenadays, however donโ€™t waste your time searching for any of them at good cash. The final and handiest AX GTi to look on this sub-ยฃ1,500 column was once again in mid 2015. That one failed its check the 12 months after Shed wrote about it, probably at the foundation of terminal rot if the long record of corrosion-based advisories angrily scribbled at the record in 2015 is any information.ย 

So letโ€™s disregard about sporty AXs, a very simple ask when even a proletarian 1.1 like our shed can bowl alongside at just about 100mph due to environment friendly aerodynamics specifically advanced to ship one of these economic system that deficient other people had been difficult then. Anyway, who wanted the carburetted GTโ€™s 0-60 time of 9.2secs when you must do it in a a lot more enjoyable, scenery-admiring 12 and a little seconds, floating easily alongside for your wispy 66lb feet at 3,200rpm cloud of Gallic torque?

If youโ€™re within the AX enjoy, and also you must be, any style will grant you access into an an increasing number of unique membership. One of the pics within the advert for this one says โ€˜Hurry! This is our last Citroen AX in stock!โ€™. Itโ€™s most definitely their first one too tbh. Shed has lengthy since given up looking to perceive the mysterious workings of the more than a few โ€˜how many leftโ€™ sort internet sites, but when there are greater than 100 AXs nonetheless scuttling about the United Kingdom heโ€™ll hit himself many times at the head with a stale baguette. As a ways as he can see this may well be the one road-registered AX 11 TGE in Britain. The distributors are calling it a TRE, however the boot badge begs to range. The TGE is just like the TGV however a few thousand mph slower.ย 

Lift the bonnet, which simply detaches to be used as a sledge, to expose the mighty 1,124cc engine. This is held in position through some clips, a few self-tappers and a couple of fragments of white plastic. The new battery that we will be able to see shining brightly within the nook is most definitely nearly as heavy because the motor. Thing is, youโ€™ll by no means want a excellent battery in this sort of as a result of an AX has so few digital necessities, and even though it does move flat, the duty of push-starting a automotive weighing simply 675kg is Shedโ€™s favorite, a one hand task. Citroen even stored weight at the steerage wheel through getting rid of part of the spokes, a trick they learnt many many years in the past with the DS.ย 

Obviously with simply 55hp at your command thereโ€™ll be no facial distortion beneath acceleration, a to hand characteristic. Okay, so itโ€™s a 5 door. People are certain to bitch about that. And itโ€™s were given โ€˜Nouveauโ€™ written on it in that sickly-sweet copperplate font so liked through motorists of a undeniable age again then. The rumpled upholstery makes the again seats seem like an unmade mattress, however as Shed will let you know from his personal hasty mattress vacating enjoy, unmade beds are regularly the comfiest ones.

Obviously there was rust. Some of this was once put proper in 2009/10. More was once looked after in 2020 when the automobile was once resurrected after a six-year layup. Most of the MOTs as much as 2014 were blank passes with rarely any mileage gathered between checks. Itโ€™s now not been examined since that final cross in August 2020, however Shed has licensed it to your inspection because the distributors are promising โ€˜a long MOT prior to saleโ€™. If Shedโ€™s feeling on it’s proper, there shouldnโ€™t be a lot previous to this sale.

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