‘Danny wore that one and I indubitably owe him a couple of beverages’

Ex-Wallabies world Drew Mitchell has recalled the boozy evening out in Melbourne with Danny Cipriani which culminated within the ex-England participant getting stuck up in a media hurricane after leaning over a bar counter, taking a bottle of spirits and stuffing it down his trousers prior to getting stuck.  

The nightclub didn’t document the robbery to the police, believing the general public humiliation that used to be the CCTV photos of the incident discovering its manner into the media to be sufficient of a punishment.  

Cipriani used to be sooner or later fined one fit fee by way of the Rebels for the incident that happened within the early hours after a heavy February 2011 loss to the Waratahs within the Melbourne membership’s inaugural Super 15 day trip.  

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Mitchell, although, were given away with out reprimand as he used to be by no means publicly recognized as the individual that used to be with Cipriani on that notorious evening out. It is a tale that the now-retired Wallabies winger has recounted on the most recent RugbyPass Offload, admitting he owes Cipriani a couple of beverages every time the pair subsequent catch up. 

“I was Waratahs playing against the Rebels and we caught up after,” defined Mitchell, atmosphere the scene as to how he connected with Cipriani 11 years in the past for his or her evening out. 

“We went to a club and I just remember we were having drinks, having a good time, enjoying it and basically we just weren’t getting served anywhere by anyone, it was almost like we were invisible because no one was serving us. Danny did a scan, said something to me and I kind of gave him the affirmation of ‘Yeah, mate, we’re good, do it’. 

“He has reached over the bar and has grabbed a bottle of I don’t know what it was, vodka or rum or something, and he has pantsed it. Then sure enough we get caught and have got to leave. 

“Danny was obviously in the tabloids back in England at the time and someone got the footage of the CCTV. I’m back home (in Sydney) and get a call from the (Waratahs) team manager who said, ‘Mate, if you are at home put on the TV now for the news’. 

“They had a dark vision of a nightclub with a circle lit up just around Danny to say, ‘This is him reaching over, grabbing it’. He clearly talks to someone next to him – who was me – and I kind of give him the nod and he does it. 

“The team manager is like, ‘Drew, that’s not you next to Danny, is it?’ I was like, ‘Well, do you want me to be honest or not?’ I said, ‘Yes, it is me, it’s 100 per cent me’.

“He is like, ‘Jesus, mate. Alright, the good thing for us is they have only highlighted Danny. Hopefully, no one notices that that is you next to him, so just keep your head down for the next few days and hopefully, for your sake and the Waratahs, that nothing comes of it’. Danny wore that one and I certainly owe him a few drinks when we get to catch up in the future.”

Cipriani is recently between golf equipment, having signed off from Bath on the finish of the 2021/22 season forward of a steered transfer again in another country.


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