Earbud evaluation: Google Pixel Buds Pro fall neatly brief in their $200 value

Enlarge / All 4 new colour variants of Google’s Pixel Buds Pro.


Google introduced the Pixel Buds Pro previous this yr as an obvious improve to Google’s spectacular 2020 earbud refresh. “If you really liked Pixel Buds 2, you can love Pixel Buds Pro” was once most likely track to the ears of someone who were charmed through Google’s audio-redemption plotline.

Ahead in their retail release nowadays, with just about every week of Buds Pro checking out, I realized that those new $199 earbuds do no longer do what the AirPods Pro did for the unique AirPods. While some sides have advanced, others have regressed—so it is tricky to suggest Buds Pro over the contest.

At least the Bluetooth connectivity is best

When they debuted, Buds 2 stood out in an more and more aggressive portable-audio fray (and ran circles round Google’s first stab on the section in 2017). They’re nonetheless my day-to-day drivers because of their impeccable sound stability, horny aesthetics, comfy have compatibility, cast battery existence, and nifty egg-shaped case. I nonetheless suggest them to Android smartphone homeowners—or, in a pinch, the $99 Pixel Buds A, which almost fit the 2020 model in options and audio high quality. (As an established Buds 2 proprietor, I’ll proceed to match the brand new Pixel Buds Pro to these earbuds for the remainder of this evaluation.)

But Pixel Buds 2 have problems, in particular their awful Bluetooth sign consistency. It’s nearly a for the reason that sound will stutter out and in of 1 earbud at least one time every week, forcing me to head thru a cycle of hanging them again of their case, disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth on my telephone, hanging the earbuds on once more, and resuming a track or podcast. I discussed this factor in my 2020 evaluation, and it hasn’t ever really been fastened. It’s a testomony to how a lot I differently love the Buds 2 that I publish with this actual engineering failure on Google’s section.

In 5 days of Pixel Buds Pro checking out, I will a minimum of ascertain that their Bluetooth sign consistency is an enormous step forward of Buds 2—and plenty of different Bluetooth earbuds I’ve examined. I’ve but to note a unmarried drop in audio sign regardless of the place I’ve listened, from rides on crowded buses to sweaty exercise classes.

This is also because of Google expanding the dimensions of each and every earpiece. Inside the Buds 2, a small, plastic fin extends to some degree the place it may brace towards a consumer’s outer ear, which I to find fairly comfy over lengthy classes. Pixel Buds Pro skip this fin and as a substitute lengthen each and every earpiece’s guts more or less that distance to comprise extra portions (all whilst maintaining the Buds collection’ pleasant egg-shaped charging case thought intact, with the similar comfy dimension, design, and gratifying click on upon remaining). The outcome: This yr’s fashion sits rather less elegantly within the ear, with a silicon ear tip (replaceable, is available in 3 sizes) and one fringe of the Pixel Bud Pro doing the bracing paintings. It’s fantastic, yet Buds Pro have extra weight and heft than Buds 2 and feature inferior bracing, so I nonetheless desire Buds 2 for long listening classes on a convenience foundation.

I in most cases desire earbuds that depend on silicon ear guidelines, so Buds Pro get advantages there, they usually waft into and out of the ear by the use of a herbal twisting movement. After the use of Buds Pro for the primary time, Google gives a “seal test” take a look at on Android handsets. This performs some musical tones and confirms thru onboard mics whether or not any of its sounds are bleeding out because of a nasty have compatibility (which I showed through jamming the Buds Pro into my ear incorrectly and operating the take a look at). It’s a nifty characteristic.

ANC is first rate, yet “transparency mode” is opaque

Google desires you to verify that seal to check those earbuds’ new characteristic: energetic noise cancellation (ANC). Buds 2 did not come with ANC processing of any sort, and as a first-generation stab at the concept that, Buds Pro do a good task—all whilst leaving battery existence fairly top.

This class is the place Buds Pro win handily in side-by-side checks with Pixel Buds 2. The 2020 fashions can seal lovely decently into ears, yet their degree of audio bleed in noisy environments is one thing its customers, at very best, get used to. Buds Pro are a noise-canceling revelation when compared. However, any other side-by-side take a look at confirms that Apple AirPods Pro do a greater task with ANC. When swapping earbuds in my house with some noise within the background, AirPods Pro sound a little bit extra delicate, although I would not name this comparability conclusive.

Where AirPods Pro win out extra handily is their talent to procedure noise-canceling frequencies in additional dynamic situations. While jogging in my community or strolling down a crowded boulevard, Pixel Buds Pro be afflicted by some “swirling” artifacts, the place close by noises unnaturally emerge in just one ear yet no longer the opposite. The outcome appears like an audio model of the “uncanny valley,” the place one thing sounding the slightest bit off feels all of the extra disorienting as a result of it is close-but-not-quite. To be transparent, this noticeable distortion occurs every now and then, and I do not realize this impact whilst sitting at a restaurant or on a bus. But I will’t mirror it on AirPods Pro.

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