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I’d by no means observed a “Hollywood handshake” sooner than I were given one [on The Great Celebrity Bake Off]. So when he shook my hand, I used to be like: “Aww, thanks Paul.” Then we had been filming afterwards and I realised: “Err, it’s a thing?” Now I’m frustrated as a result of I most certainly didn’t relish it sufficient. But it used to be an overly company, heat, somewhat wet hand.

You mainly devour biscuits and Deliveroo while you paintings on a TV display. For instance, Cooking With the Stars or The Voice contain lengthy, consecutive days, 8am until possibly 11pm. And your dressing room is stuffed with candy treats that you simply love and you are feeling shit after consuming them each unmarried day for 10 days. Then you order from Deliveroo and devour it to your dressing room, by yourself all through a wreck. Sorry to shatter the semblance.

When I moved to London to paintings as a fashion, I used to be 17 and couldn’t cook dinner. I’d clearly watched my mum at house so I roughly knew in theory, however I used to be 17 and I couldn’t be arsed, rather frankly. And I consider the lady I lived with requested me: “Do you not eat salad?” I used to devour toasted sandwiches or I’d purchase frozen hen burgers and put them in a bun. That could be my dinner. I actually don’t understand how I survived.

If my children ask, “Please can we bake?”, I believe, “I don’t want to, because I’ll be left doing it and you’ll piss off and come back to lick the bowl at the end.” Then my mum mind kicks in and I believe: “Oh, this is what you’re meant to do with your kids.” So I do it.

I don’t devour fish, cooked or uncooked. I blame my mum, as a result of once we had been little, she would get roe slices and fry them in a pan and make us devour it. When I used to be a child, it used to be as disgusting as brussels sprouts. Now I will’t do the rest with a shell or that’s taking a look at me.

We went for lunch in Cornwall remaining summer time with Jack Stein [guest chef on Cooking With the Stars and son of Rick Stein]. He mentioned: “Shall I order for us all?” And I used to be like: “Umm, err, I should probably tell you, I don’t eat fish.” And it used to be on the Seafood Restaurant. He didn’t know till we were given there. But he thinks it’s extremely a laugh, he simply laughs at me.

I’ve picked up sure issues from [presenting] Cooking With the Stars. I’ve realised I overcook greens. And, the opposite day, any individual at the display cooked asparagus within the microwave. They cooked it completely: it used to be the chef’s little tip. So there used to be this large debate about what you’ll be able to cook dinner within the microwave. Why shouldn’t you? It’s no longer a filthy phrase. We’ve all were given them in our kitchens, don’t fake you haven’t.

Bake Off painted an excellent image of my ability degree. I all the time assume I’m reasonable at no matter I attempt to do. What I believe I’m excellent at is taking course. If you inform me what to do, I will do it. It might not be good, however I will get through. And that’s what I did on Bake Off: I scraped thru. Also I devour a large number of cake. When we needed to make madeleines, and a few folks had been like, “What the fuck are they?” I assumed: “Oh, I know what one of those is. They’re wonderful!”

My favorite issues

Indian meals. My go-to order is hen pathia with saag paneer, cauliflower bhaji, rice, and papadoms with all of the dips.

I very hardly drink alcohol, but when I do I’ll opt for a pornstar martini. It doesn’t actually style like alcohol, does it? And M&S does a perfect one in a can referred to as a zeal fruit martini and it’s bloody beautiful. So I’ll get a couple of tins in and pour it in a complicated glass so it seems actual.

Place to devour
The Deli in my place of origin, Sutton Coldfield. It does an overly small menu and it adjustments the theme each week. It’s no longer pricey, the ambience is beautiful and you’ll be able to take the children and keep there all night time.

Dish to make
I love to make a actually excellent salad. Because salads will also be rather dull, can’t they? But I’m getting a lot more adventurous with my dressings, and if you happen to’ve were given a excellent salad you’ll be able to upload the rest to it.

Cooking With The Stars is on ITV, Tuesdays at 8pm

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