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Jennifer Lopez joins Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé as the newest matter of her personal pop big name documentary, despite the fact that surely Lopez would flinch on the description: she could also be a film big name, entrepreneur, philanthropist and extra, as Halftime (Netflix) steadily reminds us. This vastly entertaining, if once in a while comically severe, movie follows Lopez from the day of her fiftieth birthday celebrations to the Super Bowl half-time display she co-headlined with Shakira in 2020.

At first, the big name of Halftime threatens to be Lopez’s diamond-encrusted drink cups, however there may be a lot to be thinking about on this behind-the-curtains portrait of lifestyles as a famous person. Over 90 mins, it finds itself to be a curious, intriguing combine. Lopez does no longer grasp again on what displeases her. The NFL invitations her to do the Super Bowl half-time display, and this is a uncommon honour, promising her an target audience of greater than 100 million audience. But the joint invitation with Shakira rankles, and their allocated operating time is very similar to what a solo act would have, which places the squeeze on; Lopez describes it as “the worst idea in the world”. Her supervisor, Benny Medina, is going additional. “It was an insult to say you needed two Latinas to do the job that one artist historically has done,” he tells the digital camera.

This hints at a extra fascinating tale, that emerges in suits and begins. Lopez denies that she is political, however she is the daughter of Puerto Rican oldsters dwelling in Trump’s America, or what she calls “a United States I didn’t recognise”. She places kids in cages made of sunshine on degree, and clashes with the NFL over the theory (despite the fact that in the beginning the display’s director is extra perturbed through the “contentious” proposal of a degree the form of a feminine image). Her fiance, Ben Affleck, seems to speak about the tabloid ferocity she skilled early on in her occupation. When he requested her if it afflicted her, she says she answered: “I’m Latina, I’m a woman, I expected this.”

The documentary in brief takes on a Framing Britney Spears crusading tone, highlighting the worst tabloid remedy she skilled, and the time and again she used to be the butt of the funny story, on late-night chatshows, on South Park. Until I watched this, I had forgotten that once a robust get started, Lopez’s performing occupation changed into observed as a punchline. She thinks she has made 40 motion pictures (“I don’t know, something like that”), but it surely took Hustlers, the movie about pole-dancers that she produced and stars in, for her to be taken severely as an actor once more. It gained her a Golden Globe nomination and communicate of a imaginable Oscar nod, despite the fact that we watch her unhappiness as this fails to materialise.

This is the place it will get trickier. Positioning a shocking, multitalented pop big name, film big name and businesswoman as an underdog isn’t solely convincing as a story thread. Not getting an Oscar nomination is a heartache maximum audience will to find it onerous to narrate to. She seems longing for approval, telling her 70-year-old physician he will have to see her in Hustlers. In one of the endearing scenes, she reads a circle of relatives workforce message thread discussing an American soccer fit. One of her sisters brings up the nice opinions for Hustlers; there’s a temporary acknowledgment, prior to everybody will get again to the vital subject of the sport. She has a hard dating along with her mom. Her curves made her an outlier in overdue 90s/early 00s Hollywood. The tabloid bunfight over her romantic and private lifestyles gave her “very low self-esteem”.

I don’t doubt it, however concurrently Lopez is, even now, seeking to turn out herself, in truth plain: she merely is a celebrity. The clips of her early movies are a reminder of what a robust run she had in Hollywood, and he or she is again heading in the right direction on the field place of job once more. The scenes of her coaching her dancers for the half-time display are improbable (“It takes a while to warm up to me,” she tells them), as is the display itself. The movie ends along with her functioning at President Biden’s inauguration after which an inventory of her successes in numbers: gross sales figures, grosses, social media stats, streams. Any target audience looking at a feature-length movie about her occupation is not likely to want convincing that she has made it. Who is it for?

“The world is listening,” says Lopez, originally of Halftime. “What am I gonna say?” At the top of it, I handiest half of knew. The movie is as slick and flattering as you could be expecting, however it’s also fair and revealing, a minimum of at the floor – despite the fact that possibly it offers away greater than she supposed.

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