Housemarque author says developing Returnal’s thriller was once a ‘tightrope walk’

In Returnal, the game’s narrative is conveyed in brief bursts, with reputedly random clips flashed on the participant, on the other hand, there also are longer audio logs and written passages to be discovered.

What makes Returnal’s narrative distinctive and a problem to position in combination as those are continuously came upon of sequences, resulting in the sport’s popularity for being filled with thriller.

“It’s hard to kind of see, even with all this priming, until it’s actually in the game, how is it pacing? How is it looking together with all the other elements? So up until the last moment, we’re still cutting, we’re still editing, and then tweaking the wording and making things a bit clearer.”

We requested Korhonen if there have been any secrets and techniques left to be came upon within the sport, following an enormous effort from fan communities on Reddit and boards with the intention to uncover each closing narrative thread.

“I’ve been stalking our subreddit, and there have been wonderful little discoveries… there is something I’m still hoping that they will discover about the Tower Sisyphus. It’s not as much of a secret, more like a nice philosophical reference to the name.

“But nobody has put that on Reddit yet, so I haven’t seen anyone make that connection. But hopefully, someone will maybe after this.”

Korhonen additionally lately spoke to VGC about Housemarque’s subsequent IP, which is within the very early levels of construction. While little is understood in regards to the sport, Korhonen did say that she hopes to incorporate a few of Returnal’s lower content material within the subsequent sport. 

“Returnal was so ambitious,” Korhonen advised VGC. “We dreamt tremendous giant, however we nonetheless needed to depart such a lot at the slicing room flooring. All of those concepts and narrative techniques. I’m tremendous excited to select up the ones items and spot how the ones have compatibility our new IP tale.