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To download the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre success in The Quarry, it is very important kill all 9 playable characters within the recreation. However, replaying the sport may also be reasonably taxing, particularly when trying to find the platinum trophy. In this information, you’re going to in finding all of the key possible choices and selections had to be sure that every camp counselor in The Quarry is killed as briefly as imaginable.


This web page main points story-related spoilers for The Quarry. To stay unspoiled, you’ll want to flip again now.


Quickest Way to Kill All Characters in The Quarry

Looking for main points on the best way to kill a specific summer season camp counselor? Click the hyperlinks underneath to leap to the series of occasions that want to happen for every protagonist to die.

How to Kill Jacob – Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Jacob and Emma will finally end up swimming in a lake, separated from the remainder of the crowd. During this segment, you can be enjoying as Jacob and you can have the primary probability to kill him in the entire recreation.

After some discussion possible choices with Emma (no matter what you select), Jacob will notice that he misplaced the rotor arm (if you happen to stoled it previous within the recreation). However, he will additionally pay attention Abigail’s screaming. Here, you’re going to have two possible choices: to dive in, in search of the piece, or run to Abi’s support.

To pop up the diving determination, you want to scouse borrow the van’s rotor arm in Chapter 1.


You want to choose the primary one after which the choice “clutch” when you’ve got the danger. Jacob will in finding the rotor arm, however he will additionally discover a bloated corpse, which is a work of proof. After being scared through this, he will have his hand tangled with a sequence. You can make a choice to pull the hand or detangle from the chain. What you want to do is not anything. The time will run out and Jacob will drown.

How to Kill Emma – Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, you can regulate Emma for a just right period of time whilst she’s exploring a bit of the island on my own. When getting close to a cabin, you can get started listening to some noises that obviously come from a beast at the roof.

There might be a option to open the trapdoor above you or seek for some luggage for your proper. If you choose the previous, that would be the ultimate time you regulate Emma: a werewolf will soar to her and get started consuming her instantly.

How to Kill Abigail – Chapter 6

After the crowd meets Laura for the primary time in Chapter 6, they’ll keep in a development speaking to one another, pondering if the brand new persona may also be relied on. While all of this is occurring, Abi might be close to Nick, who’s in ache and performing extra rudely than customary.


You can make a choice between some discussion possible choices, however whether or not you might be indignant or type to Nick, it’s not relevant. He’ll throw you to the opposite wall and start his transformation right into a werewolf. Here you can have the danger to shoot him whilst he is nonetheless human. If you do not do it or omit the shot, Nick will change into a beast, soar into Abi, and reduce her head.

How to Kill Nick – Chapter 8

By the tip of Chapter 8, Ryan and Laura will in finding some electrified cages. A werewolf might be within considered one of them.

The scene might be in short interrupted through every other discussion happening above them: Constance and Travis are speaking about Kaylee’s dying. But do not get too distracted, as a result of you can get again to the advisors and Laura will attempt to shoot the beast. If you do not interrupt her, she is going to shoot and kill the werewolf, who’s in truth Nick.

How to Kill Dylan – Chapter 9


In Chapter 9, Dylan and Kaitlyn might be exploring a scrapyard looking for some portions that may restore their minivan. They will discover a automotive that may be helpful, however it’ll be hooked up to a magnetic crane.

Dylan gets into the crane and get started shifting the auto. However, when the auto reaches the bottom, Dylan will notice that there is a werewolf within sight. Whether you warn her or now not, Kaitlyn gets into the auto, protective herself, and Dylan will then transfer the crane upwards. The beast will soar to the auto and be in a position to assault Kaitlyn.

Here you’ll be able to make a choice from slamming the auto or urgent the crane’s horn. To kill Dylan, you could have to choose the second one possibility. The werewolf might be harm through this motion, and it’ll soar to Dylan’s crane. Our protagonist will select up a lighter, however you want to fail the QTE and do not rate it. This means, the most efficient will homicide Dylan.

It does not subject if Dylan used to be inflamed in Chapter 5 or now not. He’ll die both means.

How to Kill Ryan – Chapter 9

Near the tip of Chapter 9, Laura and Ryan will face Chris (in beast mode), Bobby, and Travis on the identical time. While Laura is popping right into a werewolf and perilous Travis, Chris might be attacking Bobby. During those few seconds, Ryan will clutch a shotgun within sight and intention at Chris.

The selection you’re making right here will modify what occurs between Travis, which we’re going to give an explanation for underneath.


If you omit the shot, Chris will soar proper into Ryan and homicide him immediately. However, when you’ve got got rid of Ryan’s knife initially of the bankruptcy, he’ll additionally die after killing the beast because of the blood loss.

You too can make Travis shoot Ryan if Travis used to be indignant with Laura all the way through Chapter 7. After killing Chris, Travis will assault Laura after which Ryan.

How to Kill Laura – Chapter 9

Following the former dying, if Ryan misses the shot, Chris might be alive and Laura will assault Travis with a shard of glass. In reality, they’ll assault every different, concluding of their deaths. However, if you happen to killed Chris however Laura did not construct a robust bond with Travis, he’ll stab her more than one instances along with his shard of glass.

To make Travis antagonistic in opposition to you, you want to shoot him in Chapter 7.

How to Kill Max – Chapter 10


If Chris Hackett used to be shot within the earlier scene, you’re going to have the danger to play as Max for a moderately quick scene in Chapter 10. He’s bare on an island, coated in blood, and he does not know the way he were given there.

There might be a unmarried determination so that you can make: keep at the island or swim to the shore. If you wish to have to kill Max, make a choice the second. After swimming for a little bit, he’ll be attacked through every other werewolf and die immediately.

How to Kill Kaitlyn – Chapter 10

If you could have adopted each step on this information, killing each persona, Kaitlyn would be the ultimate protagonist alive. So when exploring the resort in Chapter 10, you can come upon a werewolf for the ultimate time.

If you continue to exist with Kaitlyn being the one counselor alive, you can get The Final Girl.

There is a couple of means Kaitlyn can die right here, however the fastest one can occur proper when the monster seems. Near the outdated portrait, you can pay attention some noises coming from the opposite facet of the room. You can come to a decision to wait there or run. Choose the primary one, and when the werewolf seems, make a choice shoot. Kaitlyn will input struggle mode, and you can omit the shot or steer clear of taking pictures. Doing that, the beast will clutch Kaitlyn and get started smashing her in opposition to the ground, scary her dying.

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