Movies That Got Sued

The mayor of Batman attempted to sue The Dark Knight.

Making a movie ain’t no stroll within the park, or even after its unencumber, it’s essential be combating court cases for DECADES to come back. While large Hollywood generally squash the little man, now and again they are pressured to settle.

Here are 17 massive motion pictures that were given into tough court cases.



twentieth Century Fox

James Cameron’s epic is among the highest-grossing motion pictures of all time, and any person tried to get a work of the ones profits through alleging that Cameron ripped them off. 

An artist named William Roger Dean claimed that 14 of his artwork were the foundation of Pandora and a few of its creatures – and sought damages from Cameron and the manufacturing corporate. Cameron received the lawsuit, then again, with the pass judgement on announcing the artist had made photographs from the movie glance extra like his artwork than they in fact did. 


The Laundromat


The Spielberg-directed film depicted the offshore tax-manoeuvring uncovered within the Panama Papers. The lawsuit got here from the true company that the film was once about – Mossack Fonseca. Not most effective did they try to halt the film’s unencumber however in addition they sued for defamation after the movie got here out.

Netflix then again got here out on most sensible on each events with a pass judgement on concluding that the movie does not defame Mossack Fonseca. 



Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In 2015 Disney failed on two events to get a lawsuit thrown out after Kelly Wilson made the case that the trailer for Frozen was once considerably very similar to her quick animated movie known as The Snowman.

The federal pass judgement on refused to throw the case out, however the two events settled earlier than it was once taken to court docket.

It would not prevent there for Disney and Frozen, then again, when in 2017 a singer sued them for copyright infringements in considered one of their songs. Luckily for Disney, the singer ended up letting it cross after all. 


The Wolf of Wall Street

Paramount Pictures

The monetary backers of The Wolf of Wall Street have been in fact sued through the actual wolf himself, Jordan Belfort, for $300m. This was once In response to Red Granite – the movie’s backers –getting arrested on embezzling fees. Belfort made up our minds to sue the corporate, claiming they would lied to him so he would promote them the rights to his tale. 

The corporate’s regulation company threw some colour again at Jordan in its reaction, announcing it was once ironic that Belfort was once seeking to get out of an settlement that “for the primary time in his lifestyles” was once via lawful and legit method. 


The Dark Knight

Warner Bros. Pictures

In a outstanding tale, the mayor of Batman (a small the town in south-eastern Turkey) tried to sue Christopher Nolan at the grounds that the film The Dark Knight “purloined” the title Batman with out checking or getting permission first. 

The mayor referred to the stressful and morbid occasions that came about in his the town and connected them to the Batman film The Dark Knight. You can examine those claims right here.


Straight Outta Compton

Universal Pictures

N.W.A supervisor Jerry Heller sued Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Universal, and the Eazy-E property for $110 million again in 2015. He alleged that the film had used his title and likeness with out permission and had portrayed him badly. 

He additionally claimed that sure portions of the storyline have been taken from his memoir with out permission. A yr after submitting the go well with, Heller died, and in 2018 a pass judgement on brushed aside the case.


Back to the Future II

Universal Pictures

Crispin Glover (George McFly) sued Universal Pictures in what became out to be a relatively essential case. Having refused to be in the second one movie, the filmmakers used prosthetics and an previous face mold of Glover to make a brand new actor Jeffrey Weissman, appear to be him. 

A deal was once sooner or later made for a reported $760,000, and the case has incessantly been referenced in disputes over animated/holographic depictions of actual folks since.


The Hangover Part II

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. was once pressured to settle a copyright case filed towards them once they used the similar design as Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, a design owned through artist S. Victor Whitmill, on Ed Helm’s face all through the movie. The tattoo artist who had filed the copyright for the design introduced Warner bros. to court docket, however the case was once sooner or later settled between the 2 events. 


Black Swan

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Two interns persisted a five-year struggle with Fox, claiming they would made unpaid interns do non-educational paintings at the set of Black Swan. They sooner or later pressured Fox to settle and pay out in what proved to be a landmark case. 

The interns themselves have been paid for his or her time operating on set, as have been different interns who have been in the similar boat. This case additionally reputedly modified the follow of paying interns in Hollywood media firms. 


American Hustle

Sony Pictures Releasing

This court docket case stemmed from a scene the place Jennifer Lawrence’s persona is protecting the concept microwaves take the diet out of meals and says “It’s not bullshit. I read it in an article. Look, by Paul Brodeur.”

Needless to mention, Brodeur wasn’t satisfied about his title being related to scare-mongering and claimed it had broken his recognition, suing for $1m. The appeals court docket sooner or later threw it out, then again, announcing: “We doubt any target audience member would understand any of Rosalyn’s [Jennifer Lawrence’s] discussion as assertions of function reality.”



twentieth Century Fox

This movie is in all probability some of the sued of all time, unsurprisingly. Kathie Martin, the etiquette trainer, claimed she were tricked into being a part of a “infantile prank” – I assume the entire defecating in a bag on the dinner birthday party were given to her. This argument, then again, wasn’t sufficient to win her lawsuit. 

Likewise, the 2 fraternity boys who have been filmed making drunken racist remarks were not in a position to shield their defamation case, and so they misplaced their court cases too. 



United Artists

Sylvester Stallone spent years averting compensating the actual Rocky, Chuck Wepner, on who he primarily based the vastly a success persona off. After years of reputedly empty guarantees, Wepner filed a lawsuit towards Stallone, and their attorneys sooner or later settled out of court docket in 2006. 


The Cabin within the Woods

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera / Photos through Alan Markfield / Lionsgate

The comedic horror movie that follows a number of scholars going to, you guessed it, a cabin within the woods was once the topic of a $10m lawsuit filed through a novelist who claimed the tale were immediately taken from his guide.

Peter Gallagher claimed that his self-published guide The Little White Trip: A Night within the Pines was once the foundation for the movie. While it does observe a bunch of scholars who cross out into the woods and get murdered, a pass judgement on dominated that it did not meet the necessities to be classed as copyright infringement. 


Happy Death Day

Universal Pictures

The slasher film had just a little of a nightmare when the artist Jonathan Bertuccelli filed a lawsuit on account of the movie’s masked persona. Jonathan’s declare was once that the similarities between King Cake Baby – his mascot for the NBA Pelicans – and the movie’s persona have been uncanny.

The similarity of the masks pressured Universal to settle with Jonathan to steer clear of a frightening time in court docket. 


Die Hard With a Vengence

Warner Bros. Pictures / twentieth Century Fox

This felony dispute stems from Lawrence Fishburne NOT being forged as Zeus. Lawrence was once within the body for the function, and negotiations have been ongoing when Die Hard manufacturer L. a.Andy Vajna went to Cannes Film Festival. There he met Samuel L. Jackson, who he’d noticed in Pulp Fiction with Die Hard celebrity Bruce Willis. 

Vanja gave Jackson the function, which ended in Fishburne suing the manufacturing corporate for damages, claiming they’d a verbal settlement. The case was once settled earlier than it were given to court docket with the corporate paying out $750,000 to Lawrence! 


Natural Born Killers

Warner Bros.

This morbid case was once any other long-running one. When 18-year-old Sarah Edmondson and Ben Darras have been on trial for killing a store assistant all through a theft in 1995 they cited the movie – which follows two murderous criminals – of their statements. The pair stated they’d “watched the movie a couple of instances earlier than committing their crimes.” 

A relative of the sufferer took the movie’s manufacturers to court docket and argued that the movie had supposed to quote violence, however after years, the case was once sooner or later thrown out. 


Matrix Resurrections

Warner Bros. Pictures

This is a peculiar case of a manufacturing corporate of the movie in fact suing the similar movie’s vendors. Village Roadshow, who labored on generating the movie, filed a lawsuit towards Warner Bros. They argued that Warner Bros.’ “abysmal” unencumber of Matrix Resurrections (which got here out in cinemas and on HBO Max concurrently) was once the cause of the deficient box-office numbers. 

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