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One of the Nova Twins’ maximum vocal famous person supporters, guitarist Tom Morello, has a tale he steadily tells concerning the unusual phenomenon of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fanatics who merely refuse to imagine that he’s Black, even after he again and again tells them that his father is Kenyan. “I think it disrupts the false narrative that music like mine can only be made by people who look like them,” he stated to the Guardian final 12 months.

It’s an issue addressed, extra forcefully, within the opening two tracks of the Nova Twins’ 2nd album. “Look me in the face – say you’ve never met someone like me,” growls Antagonist. “You can buy your looks, but you can’t change your genes – I’m a straight talker, fucking say what you mean,” snaps Cleopatra, which declares the duo as “blacker than the leather that’s holding our boots together”.

From the tone of the ones songs, you get the affect that now not everyone seems to be overjoyed by way of Nova Twins’ upward thrust. Their debut album, Who Are the Girls?, was once launched 3 weeks prior to the primary UK lockdown, which must have spelled crisis, however, by way of the top of 2020, they have been choosing up awards and lobbying the Mobos to incorporate a rock/choice class. Its follow-up has been heralded by way of quilt options in the type of specialist rock magazines that very seldom put girls of color on their quilt.

If, as Antagonist and Cleopatra counsel, there are other people available in the market carping that this all smacks of particular pleading and deploying the word “woke agenda” within the procedure, their 2nd album does an exceptionally excellent task of demolishing their argument. Nova Twins’ luck has come accompanied by way of a large number of speak about smashing glass ceilings and converting perceptions, however, on purely musical phrases, Supernova could be a massively thrilling album irrespective of who made it. Its songs are available fizzing three-minute bursts. In their letter to the Mobos, Amy Love and Georgia South described themselves as “two mixed race girls who shout through distorted mics and play gnarly bass riffs”, which is snappy, however significantly undersells the sharpness and concision in their songwriting and the way kaleidoscopic their sound if truth be told is.

At middle, the track on Supernova exists within the centre of the punk/steel/onerous rock Venn diagram. You can listen the duo’s love of nu-metal: on A Dark Place for Somewhere Beautiful, vocals shift from menacing purr to an excellent rap waft to raw-throated depth. There’s a definite echo of Morello’s effects-laden inventiveness in Amy Love’s guitar taking part in, and a whisper of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir concerning the strings on Enemy. But throughout its 12 tracks you additionally catch glimpses of the Prodigy’s rave-punk hybrid, EDM’s fizzing digital tones, the horrorcore hip-hop of Gravediggaz and Three 6 Mafia, the Bomb Squad’s teeming, edge-of-chaos manufacturing taste, area track – there’s a definite dancefloor pulse audible on Toolbox and Choose Your Fighter – and R&B: KMB options what appears like a planned nod against the staccato melodies of Destiny’s Child circa Jumpin’ Jumpin’.

Nova Twins: Supernova album quilt

Better but, this array of influences by no means feels compelled or crowbarred in combination. It’s mixed into a fully coherent and authentically tough taste anchored by way of South’s bass, at all times dense with distortion, regularly switching between grungy riffing and swooping and arcing round Love’s guitar in some way that remembers the ground finish of a dubstep observe.

The lyrics, in the meantime, are truly excellent, swaggering in time-honoured hip-hop taste, excoriating racism and sexism with authentic wit: “Your girlfriend moshes to our shows,” snaps Enemy, including, “she’s only cheating because it’s getting stale at home.” In truth, the lyrics are surely humorous all through. KMB offers with enacting murderous fantasies on an unlucky boyfriend with a glee that remembers the horror-comic Ramones of Chainsaw or Teenage Lobotomy: “I think I’ll sit here and watch his blood dry … he’s a little brain dead so he can’t comply.” If you sought after to, you’ll want to hint the roots of Puzzles’ verses again a minimum of 100 years, to Mississippi John Hurt’s Candy Man Blues. But in contrast to the protagonist of that track, whose “big candy stick” was once it sounds as if 9 inches lengthy and overwhelmingly magnetic to the women, any potential sweet males who hove into the Nova Twins’ view are urged that their attract comes with phrases and stipulations hooked up – normal: “When I say jump, you say when” and extra particular: “He only gets a call-back if he’s good at giving head.”

It waits till its ultimate observe to dial the aggression down a slightly, even though Sleep Paralysis sounds just like the paintings of other people torn between appearing off their pop talents and creating a scourging racket, and deciding to do each immediately. The refrain is disrupted by way of a noise that can have come from the extra nerve-jangling finish of left-field electronica, a final aural middle-finger on an album that’s creative, indignant, witty, authentic and lovely impossible to resist. Supernova is a rebel of its personal.

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