‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Expects Market Crash, Touts Silver, Bitcoin

  • Robert Kiyosaki has warned an enormous marketplace crash, hyperinflation, and a melancholy might lie forward.
  • The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” creator has recommended purchasing gold, silver, bitcoin, or even bathroom paper.
  • Here are 10 of Kiyosaki’s easiest tweets to this point this yr.

Robert Kiyosaki has rung the alarm on a couple of asset bubbles, and raised the possibility of an epic marketplace crash, hyperinflation, or even an financial


, in a barrage of tweets this yr.

The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” creator and personal-finance guru has framed the following downturn as an opportunity to scoop up bargains, and advisable purchasing gold, silver, bitcoin, or even family merchandise.

Here are 10 of his easiest tweets this yr, frivolously edited for readability:

1. “WOW:Words of Wisdom. ‘Your income are made whilst you purchase, no longer whilst you promote.’ Price of bitcoin crashing. Great information. I purchased bitcoin at $6,000 and $9,000. I can purchase extra if and when bitcoin exams $20,000. Time to get richer is coming. Silver easiest discount lately. Silver nonetheless 50% beneath prime.” (January 24)

2. “WORLD WAR III? Just purchased 2,500 US Silver Eagles in 5 Green Boxes. Why silver? Gold already moved up. Bitcoin nonetheless too prime. Silver 50% beneath all time prime. Silver an commercial steel in addition to cash. I purchase silver as a result of it’s liquid & can also be spent with out executive monitoring.” (March 7)

3. “DO YOU HAVE a PLAN ‘B’? We are in BIGGEST BUBBLE in international historical past. Bubbles in shares, actual property, commodities & oil. FUTURE? Possible DEPRESSION with HYPERINFLATION. My PLAN B: be an entrepreneur, keep out of inventory marketplace, create personal belongings, use debt as cash, save gold, silver, bitcoin, weapons.” (March 8)

4. “BIDEN & FED need INFLATION to repay trillions in debt. BEST INVESTMENT could also be stocking merchandise you are going to all the time use similar to

bathroom paper

, trash baggage, canned items, frozen meals, gold, silver, bitcoin.” (March 14)

5. “Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars. Biden slaps Putin on international degree. Toxic masculinity. World in hassle. National debt to head during the roof. Biden inflicting inflation & blaming Putin. Dollar about to implode. Buy extra gold, silver, bitcoin, ethereum, & solana ahead of World War III.” (March 29)

6. “Wiley COYOTE second coming. Biggest Bubble Bust coming. Baby Boomers’ retirements to be stolen. $10 trillion in faux cash spending finishing. Government, Wall Street & Fed are thieves. Hyperinflation Depression right here. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin ahead of the coyote wakes up. Take care.” (April 16)

7. “Q: What is RISKIEST INVESTMENT in GLOBAL meltdown? Stocks or bonds? A: Bonds. Tragically rookie buyers observe rookie recommendation of 60 (shares) 40 (bonds) combine. BUY gold, silver, bitcoin as insurance coverage in opposition to morons operating the arena. REMEMBER: A faculty stage isn’t a treatment for STUPIDITY.” (April 18)

8. “EVERYTHING BUBBLE becoming EVERYTHING BUST. Could this be get started of greatest melancholy ever? I’m involved. WORLD of DEBT & WAR led via mendacity LEADERS. Great information is TWITTER might settle for ELON’s be offering. FREEDOM of SPEECH & TRUTH in MEDIA is highway again to fair world PROSPERITY.” (April 25)

9. “BITCOIN CRASHING. Great information. As mentioned in earlier tweets I’m looking ahead to bitcoin to crash to $20,000. Will then watch for take a look at of backside which may well be $17,000. Once I do know backside is in I again up the truck. Crashes are easiest occasions to get wealthy. Take care.” (May 12)

10. “RICH DAD stated ‘Bull Markets make silly buyers glance sensible. Bear Markets flip the silly buyers into losers and sensible buyers into winners.’ Markets are crashing. Time for sensible buyers to turn into very wealthy winners. Take care.” (May 21)

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