Sister To R. Kelly Claims He’s The Only Victim Who Has Been “Lied On”

R. Kelly’s sisters had a mouthful to mention about their brother’s contemporary 30-year sentence for sexually abusing ladies, ladies, and boys over many years. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the sisters claimed the one sufferer is R. Kelly. They pointed to racism as a think about his sentencing, denied proof of his involvement with  underage ladies, or even categorised the identified sufferers “bitter.”

Correspondent Noah Phillips published that R. Kelly believes the “color of his skin” influenced his sentence, consistent with letters written from his jail cellular. His sister Cassandra Kelly doubled down on those claims within the interview.

“African-Americans have always been treated unfairly and so I think that has a lot to do with it as well as other factors,” Cassandra Kelly mentioned.

Lisa Kelly then sponsored Cassandra’s remark pronouncing, “just because he has been found guilty that doesn’t mean he’s guilty.” When Noah requested if the sisters settle for R. Kelly’s wrongdoing, Lisa swerved the query. Instead, she emphasised that no person is highest and commented at the extent of the accusations.

“None of us are perfect, Lisa said. “But as far as the extent of what they’re saying, holding someone hostage and these females were treated like queens, that I don’t believe. That doesn’t add up. Robert does not have to hold anyone hostage. Women come at him because of his status and who he is.”

Sister Denies Evidence Of R. Kelly’s Involvement With Underage Girls

Noel adopted up by way of asking in the event that they in point of fact believed their brother hadn’t been with underage ladies. Again, Lisa replied the query on behalf of herself and her two sisters.

“I can say he may have been with younger women, but as far as underage girls…no” Lisa mentioned. “And I stress underage girls. Who has seen that?”

Noah countered Lisa’s level by way of pronouncing prosecutors proved R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was once 15 years previous. Lisa denied figuring out the rest about that and refused to remark additional.

Sister Says R. Kelly Is “The Only Victim”

The correspondent turned around again to what sufferers have mentioned about R. Kelly–specifically the bodily and sexual abuse and hostage scenarios. Lisa stored her reaction brief pronouncing, “a lot of the alleged victims are bitter.” After a couple of extra mins of statement, Noah once more driven for the sufferers, asking if Lisa can recognize them.

“I’m not going to acknowledge something that I don’t have the proof of, if there’s a victim, I will acknowledge,” Lisa mentioned. “But from what I’ve seen in court, and from what I’ve studied, and from what I’ve read, the only victim I’ve seen that’s been stolen from, lied on is Robert.”

Lisa then ran down an inventory of subjects she says nobody is talking on, together with the alleged robbery of thousands and thousands of bucks from Kelly.

“He’s supposed to be the monster and he’s not a monster,” Lisa mentioned. “He’s not a pedophile. He was just taken advantage of.”

R. Kelly Faces Additional Charges In Chicago This August

In July, officers transferred Kelly to Chicago from New York. He faces fees for the manufacturing of kid pornography, kid intercourse trafficking, receipt of kid pornography, and conspiracy to defraud, consistent with Newsweek. 

While Lisa was once going arduous at the back of Robert, Cassandra apparently confirmed some sympathy for the sufferers against the top of the interview.

“…I was in an abusive relationship so I truly understand where they’re coming from and I’m not knocking any alleged victims down at all,” Cassandra mentioned. “I hope that everybody’s that’s involved is restored and healed period. But the Robert that I have met and come to know is a totally opposite person.”

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