Sonic Team says it doesn’t need to deliver film parts into the video games

Sonic Team’s boss has urged he isn’t willing to deliver parts from the hot Sonic the Hedgehog films and put them into long term video video games.

With uncommon exceptions (corresponding to persona Tails), the Sonic films function a brand new forged of actors and changed designs to the video video games, and likewise give Sonic and Knuckles new foundation tales.

Speaking to VGC in a contemporary Sonic Frontiers interview, studio head

“What I want to do is stay faithful to our game Sonic and really expand on the game Sonic to incorporate new ideas that are going to get people excited about new games.

“In our mobile games, we do have ‘Movie Sonic’ appearing as a guest character, and that kind of collaboration feels really good because there are people who saw the movie and only understand the character through that.

“But the game Sonic is really the core essence of the character, so instead of trying to take the movie and put it inside of the game, I really wanted to expand on the game to make it appealing to everyone.”

He added: “I think having Movie Sonic as a guest character is viable and certainly something that we’re going to do, but keeping the essence and core of Sonic in the games and then expanding out is probably what I’d prefer to do, rather than try to shoehorn in [the movie].”

The unique Sonic the Hedgehog was once a marvel luck, with it turning into the top-grossing online game adaptation of all time in america. Earlier this 12 months, the unique film’s document was once crowned by way of its sequel, and Paramount Pictures and a 3rd Sonic movie and a live-action TV sequence have entered manufacturing.

Sonic Team says it doesn’t want to bring movie elements into the games

Commenting at the films’ luck, Iizuka stated it introduced a welcome problem for Sonic Team as it now has a broader target market to meet with its sport releases.

“Because of the success of the movies, we’re finding that we’re reaching into this wider audience of people who maybe never played the game before, or don’t play them that much. It’s this wider group of fans who we need to start now making content for.

“Honestly, it makes us all very happy, because we have more people now that we can bring content to. It is a challenge though, because we have maybe new gamers or people who haven’t played previous Sonic games, so we don’t think we can go out there with on single game that will make the entire audience excited.”