The Second World Tennis Conference

The 2nd World Tennis Conference offered by way of the Segal Institute and GPTCA

Fernando Segal, president of the Segal Institute, together with GPTCA, qualified by way of the ATP and powered by way of CoachTube, arranged the second one consecutive, digital World Tennis Conference, March 24-27, 2022.

Its number one goal is to glue elite coaches, tennis legends, scientists, and information mavens with coaches all over the world. Their undertaking, in facilitating this connection, is the dissemination of data and enjoy to help coaches, particularly younger ones, of their building and raise training via enhanced functions.

Bogdan Obradovic: A holistic strategy to apply and courting with tennis. Serbian Davis Cup head trainer (2007-17), victorious in 2010. GPTCA A+ trainer, and previous trainer of #1 Novak Djokovic. Holistic method is considered necessary for a longer occupation. Every game you play as a kid affects your adventure. Diet and behaviour, comparable to snoozing in a chilly atmosphere, additionally might be impactful. Dream along with your participant and attempt to reach it. Coaches should often evolve and advance their abilities; scouse borrow from the most efficient! Do no longer chase cash – proceed to train provided that you’re keen on tennis and feature pastime.

Gilles Cervara: Tennis Coach: relation transmission – connection between participant and trainer. Coach of #2 Daniil Medvedev. 2022 GPTCA global trainer of the yr. While essentially interested in Medvedev, he now assists different coaches. Coach should be empathetic and interact in lively being attentive to earn believe. Calibration and brotherly love are an important; possess the similar power and psyche because the participant. Flexibility in actual time is paramount. Coaches should deliver steadiness each time the participant studies drive. Discipline and rigor are necessary in day-to-day apply and gamers want braveness to stand their weaknesses.

Liam Smith: Awareness of situational-based, optimum courtroom positioning offered by way of LCS Tennis. Coaches be told probably the most from different coaches. No unmarried courtroom role from which to play every ball. Tactics dictate courtroom role and courtroom role dictates shot variety. Coaches should domesticate a gamers’ instincts, so actions are natural. No two balls are precisely the similar and gamers should make mid-match changes. Educate juniors to downside clear up, empower them to select properly, and make their fighters uncomfortable. Situational consciousness is very important. See-position-execute!

Janko Tipsarevic: Footwork for professional gamers. Former #8, now an ATP trainer and an academy proprietor. Obsessed with footwork and biomechanics as a result of as a participant, his necessitated drastic enhancements. Technique infrequently varies all through a event however gamers, according to the opponent, should regulate their motion. The best possible gamers in most cases are the most efficient movers. Keys to good fortune: how briskly one cuts angles, covers the courtroom and takes time/area clear of fighters. Superior footwork brings enduring effects. Coaches should be continual with footwork and biomechanics for that is the now and long run of contemporary tennis.

Brad Gilbert: The profitable unsightly tactical ideas. Analyst, television commentator, and creator of “Winning Ugly.” Former #4 and trainer of 3 grand slam champions. Coach is 100% dedicated, versatile, and ready to regulate at the spot. Players have dangerous days so a trainer’s angle should be sure and constant. To maximize doable, analyze fighters. Minimize your participant’s weaknesses whilst maximizing strengths. Attitude and competitiveness are nonnegotiable. Mental fortitude is paramount; when shedding, regulate technique. Learn from shedding however don’t obsess about shedding, like profitable, is contagious. Bring love and keenness day-to-day. Do no longer telephone it in!

Frederic Fontang: Odyssey to the prime point. Ranked #59, trainer of #9 Felix Auger-Aliassime, and Canadian group. Determined to advance training and make bigger the game. Coaches are the guardians of the method. A 3-year plan should be aligned with the dream/function/imaginative and prescient. Worked with Jeremy Chardy when he used to be twelve and between 1999-2008, took him to a prime point. Discipline, repetition, and focal point are necessary to construct excellent behavior. Tennis gamers are brokers of exchange, and this begets self belief. Success on the elite point necessitates a sport aligned with one’s emotional, bodily, and psychological aptitudes. Maintain an competitive mindset on and humility off the courtroom.

Nicole Pratt: A blueprint that assisted a ahead momentum in Australian girls’s tennis according to 6 key priorities. Former participant, top-level trainer, and trainer of the BJK Fed Cup group. In 2016, appointed head of Australian girls’s tennis. Coached Daria Gavrilova (Saville) from 100+ to #20 with a top-ten win over Maria Sharapova and 4th spherical look on the Aussie Open. Patience, making plans, growth. Goal: 14 gamers within the height 250 by way of making improvements to serve + one, go back, transition to web, physicality/motion, well-being/emotional regulate, and forehand dominance. In 2019, that function used to be completed. Collaborate, interact key stakeholders and make the most of information – no longer critiques.

Niki Pilic: My lifestyles in tennis; my adventure creating tennis gamers from other international locations. Germany, Serbia, and Croatia: with them, 5 occasions Davis Cup champion. As a famend trainer, he seeks gifted gamers with excellent instincts and paintings ethic. Coaches should be fair and rigorous. Over forty-four years, had 30 gamers within the height 100, together with #2, Michael Stich. Quite a lot of effort and time is needed to provide a height participant. Tennis is a fancy game that calls for a participant with a prime tennis IQ and a multi-disciplinary group to prevail. Those he coached can have extra titles and cash, however he has precious enjoy.

Thierry Ascione: Mental coaching rules to be a tennis professional. Top 100 participant, 2004 French Davis Cup group member, and previous trainer of Elina Svitolina, Richard Gasquet, and Jo Wilfried Tsonga. Used his enjoy on excursion to increase his training abilities along with finding out from others. “I am a thief; I steal from the best!” Promotes day-to-day self-discipline and rigor and contends that if the body and methodology are robust, the thoughts will apply and manifest self belief whilst lowering tension. Great competition have sure attitudes and settle for defeats. Coaches should think duty for they’re the father or mother of the participant’s dream.

Ben Leloup: How to make use of analytics optimally as a group to beef up your participant. VP of participant analytics at Golden Set. Data analytics is every other group member! Since 2012, accrued 40,000  fits price of knowledge from each professional excursions and evolved device to investigate it. Three years later, shoppers integrated 14 grand slam champions as it provides nice worth to participant building and confers a aggressive benefit when scouting fighters. It validates and bestows self belief since its wholly goal. Geospatial device teases out from video course, pace, and spin elucidating remarkably correct knowledge.

Richard Schonborn: The mind job in technical building in tennis. A former trainer of the German Tennis Federation, he labored with Boris Becker and Steffi Graff. Coaches should be insatiable and curious. Technique isn’t discovered, evolved, or perfected within the skeletomuscular gadget; it originates within the mind which is often adapting to the surroundings. Cannot retailer a unmarried stroke; just a community of variants. A stroke is a ballistic motion using 300 muscle groups in not up to part a 2nd. Neuroplasticity is expanded thru day-to-day coaching, and that is without equal function.

Horacio Anselmi: explicit staying power coaching or methods to cut back neural fatigue. A super bodily trainer who labored with Juan Martin del Potro. Foot drills with out tennis balls and repetition reinforce technical potency and staying power. Dynamic workout routines like weightlifting and difficult coordination workout routines maximize staying power whilst plyometric workout routines increase enhanced coordination, pace, and core energy. Utilizing frame fats as an alternative of glycogen for power, gamers can maintain a prime point all through lengthy fits. Neural fatigue may also be diminished via energy workout routines like squats that are for gamers, particularly juniors, indispensable for creating leg energy.

Cyril Genevois PhD: Tennis serve biomechanics: purposeful method for technical research. Key issues for efficiency/damage prevention. Coach and bodily conditioning professional with  30+ years of enjoy in junior building and sports activities science. Kinetic chain of the serve has 3 stages and 8 phases. Ball toss confusion and loss of serve variation should be addressed. Medicine ball shot-put is helping serve manufacturing whilst angular momentum and ahead movement advertise leg force. Correct perspective between racquet and forearm is necessary since 40% of racquet pace derives from inside rotation of the shoulder. Online lessons are to be had on the Genevois Academy.

Dragos Luscan: Coordination building drills for height gamers. Former bodily trainer of former global #1 Simona Halep. Must deal with excellent vitamin, mindset, and methodology. Coaches should be curious and devise/put into effect a plan incorporating quick and long-term targets. Age 16-23: to achieve success, energy coaching should start sooner than age 18. Tennis is a kinesthetic game; due to this fact, this sort of coaching should start early to construct frame/thoughts connections. Strengthen small muscle groups for joint stabilization/damage prevention, deal with hydration for muscle/tendon well being and get started flexibility coaching early to harvest the advantages.

Ian Barstow PT: The Missing hyperlink – spineability. Worked on excursion for 15 years and noticed a loss of core coaching in participant building. Trainer/trainer are as robust as their weakest hyperlink. The backbone is the lacking hyperlink in prime efficiency coaching. The backbone whilst complicated, is designed for motion due to this fact, complete vary of movement workout routines are crucial. Strength and mobility workout routines will create a steadiness of opposites, but maximum running shoes support for restricted vary of movement which is counterproductive. The core is the middle of energy from which the serve, forehand, and backhand rise up. Enable and empower gamers via spineability!

Toni Nadal: Good behavior construct persona. GPTCA board member, these days aiding #9 Felix Auger-Aliassime, head of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy and uncle and previous trainer of Rafa Nadal. Character is paramount therefore his philosophy and core rules revolve round its building. Technique is simple to show/be told however persona takes time to mature. Proper angle and psychological fortitude are considered necessary to maintain arduous paintings and self-discipline. Design a program that integrates bodily/technical/psychological methods. When a participant trains arduous, they’re extra comfortable all through fits. Do no longer focal point on profitable; get ready, glance against the longer term, and make small changes in order that they facilitate finding out.

Nico Pereira: Living at the circuit, what it takes! One of the most efficient coaches and promoters. He used to be a #1 junior, #74 at the ATP Tour, and Davis Cup captain for Venezuela. Tennis with a grueling 11-month season is bodily and mentally difficult with other time zones, climate, and courtroom surfaces. Most gamers will lose greater than win so put this in viewpoint and increase the sport. The transition from juniors to professionals can take 5-8 years and good fortune at the professional excursion isn’t assured. A super participant should be conscious of main points, curious, and making improvements to. Coaches must proceed to adapt and percentage best possible practices for they’re the conductor of the group.

Tomas Behrned: From junior to professional, surroundings your psychological priorities. President GPTCA A+ for Germany, former #74 in singles, and a a success trainer with two academies. Every apply may be a psychological apply; gamers should maintain focal point and make changes to seek out answers. Strong psychological well being is very important for elite gamers. Body language, persistence, and willingness to apply are exceedingly necessary. On excursion there are lots of stressors. Accept the prerequisites, make diversifications, and focal point handiest on what’s sooner than you. To decrease tension sooner than fits, visualize your efficiency and be mindful – the one factor you can’t regulate is whom you play.

Jan Stoces: growing a robust courting along with your participant at the excursion. Head trainer of Czech tennis federation and for 11 years, labored with Lukasz Kubot, #1 in doubles and #41 in singles. Must increase key psychological skills to prevail on excursion. The participant is at all times the concern and once they endure, the trainer should be empathetic. Coaches should engender believe, formulate long-term targets, and supply psychological beef up, particularly all through tough occasions. Deliver fair, weekly reviews for persistent growth. Coaches should select properly on behalf of the long-term well being and enlargement of the participant. As a trainer, have your individual dream and endure for it day-to-day.

Nico Massu: Key rules to be aggressive on excursion. 2004 Olympic gold medalist for Chile in singles and doubles and trainer of former global #3 Dominic Thiem. When participant, trainer, and group are aligned, good fortune is extra possible. Strategy, techniques, and mid-match changes are at all times in flux, so stay calm and constant via wins and losses. Mental fortitude and competitiveness will take a participant additional than bodily energy. They should downside clear up, include drive and alter the sport according to opponent. While doubt is integral to game, gamers must no longer obsess about issues or rating. They should be told from worry and be mindful they may be able to at all times reinforce.

Jim Loehr, famend sports activities psychologist, and World Tennis Conference primary speaker asserts, “WTC2 represents an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best on a worldwide scale. When coaches improve their competencies, everyone wins!”

Please consult with http://wtc. to check in then revel in greater than 70 displays that may be watched for your cell phone, pill, or laptop time and again over the following 30 days and unfold the affection of tennis.

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