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Deep within the woods in jap Ukraine, a tank unit has hidden itself beneath the bushes. 

Their large machines, which come with Soviet-era T-72s and a extra complicated T-84 are secure via summer time foliage in a sumptuous stand, the plump leaves blockading out lots of the mild.

Still, that’s not sufficient to reassure the tank crews who worry the results of being noticed via a Russian drone.

Each tank has been draped in camouflage nets and branches, making them nearly invisible to the human eye. We drove previous six or so tanks at the manner into woods and we didn’t spot a unmarried automobile.

The unit has disguised tanks with foliage and camouflage nets
Andrii Koval inspects a tank
Andrii Koval inspects a tank

I requested the unit’s commander, Lt Vitalii Timoshuk, why that they had taken such care to conceal them.

“If we don’t have any apparatus, we have not the rest to struggle with. What can I say? We are conserving our tanks protected as a result of we should not have a lot of them.”

We discovered the contributors of 1 tank workforce, operating furiously on a T-84. It is a treasured piece of equipment, essentially the most complicated tank within the army – even supposing Ukraine simplest has six of them.

Clutching an outsized spanner, Andrii Koval instructed us that it’s robust and speedy – even supposing occasionally tough to start out.

“There are some questions however basically, it is a just right device. It shoots smartly at distances of 3 to 4 kilometres and drives speedy. That’s all we’d like.”

Andrii and his colleague, Vadim are on their 3rd tank now. They misplaced the primary two to heavy Russian fireplace.

Vadim in a tank
Tank unit member Vadim

A video of the moves at the first one display its turret smoking within the distance. The workforce evacuated and Andrii and Vadim are pictured within the box.

“An immediate hit on our automobile, the workforce has evacuated, spotter, mechanic….and me, who’s being shot at.”

A Russian shell whizzed over their head.

Combatants the usage of their telephones to file the fight as they take part in it has transform a function of this struggle.

Vitalii Timoshuk, the Commander, wears a khaki shirt and has a hidden tank over his left shoulder
Vitalii Timoshuk, the Commander, wears a khaki blouse and has a hidden tank over his left shoulder
Tank hidden in the woods

When the commander of this secret tank base, Lt Vitalii Timoshuk, instructed us how his unit repelled a Russian assault final week, he additionally had the photographs as an example it.

Lt Timoshuk is only a 21-year-old and formally graduated from his army academy at the day of our discuss with.

But he says he will get quite a lot of assist from his group.

“Our persons are skilled, they know why they got here right here, as a result of their households and our motherland. This will assist us to win.”

“You’re now not that skilled, you are 21 years outdated and you are main the unit,” I instructed.

He responded: “I haven’t any difficulties as a result of my body of workers give a boost to me. I’m happy with them. And it is my excitement to command and paintings with them. Our guys are so cool.”

“What did they believe whilst you arrived, a 21-year-old, main unit?” I requested.

“I did not inform them I used to be 21 for a very long time. I do not glance 21. What else can I say?”

John Sparks with members of a tank unit in Ukraine
L to R: Andrii Koval, Sky News’s John Sparks, Roman Batsenko

The stolen Russian tank

Lt Timoshuk instructed me that the Ukrainians have captured some 400 Russian armoured automobiles, together with 5 snagged via his unit.

He offered me to tank workforce member Roman Batsenko, who stole two tanks from underneath the noses of the enemy.

“Our intelligence instructed us about them. One had hit a mine. The different one used to be operating so we went (to get them).”

I requested him how he felt the instant he jumped right into a Russian tank.

“Happiness, happiness that we renewed our inventory of tanks. The simplest worry got here later once we discovered there have been 2 hundred Russian tanks only one kilometre away. But they did not be expecting us to be so brazen and thieve them.”

The Russian army is ambitious and some distance higher supplied however there’s quite a lot of spirit within the woods. The Russians can also be defeated, says the unit’s commander, however they are going to must be good to get thru it.

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