What We Want From Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and How It Needs to Improve on Remake

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been formally introduced, and it is already proving to be a well-liked speaking level — most likely as you’ll be expecting, given the occasions of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is a sequel that appears to be veering wildly from the as soon as promised trail, and ‘Rebirth’ definitely hammers that time house.

But what will we in fact need from Rebirth? What can Square Enix do to reinforce upon Remake? We made up our minds to get the Push Square editorial staff in combination to discuss the impending PS5 unique (minus Stephen, who attempted his toughest to love Remake, however binned it after a couple of hours).

Robert Ramsey, Lifelong Final Fantasy Fan

I appreciated Remake, however I did not like it. Overall, I believe the sport’s highpoints outweigh its lows, however I nonetheless assume there may be a large number of room for growth in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth — particularly from a structural viewpoint. For a get started, extra exploration can be great. I loved how neatly realised a lot of Remake’s global was once — Midgar will all the time be a super environment — however the quantity of corridor-like environments that you are pressured to slowly stroll down is a comic story. There’s simply an excessive amount of padding in Remake — borderline horrible aspect quests integrated — so with a bit of luck Rebirth unearths a greater tempo and sticks with it.

With Rebirth, the only factor I’ve general religion in is the struggle. I believed the gadget in Remake was once improbable — a close to absolute best melding of command-driven technique and action-based struggling with. An evolution of the ones mechanics might be implausible, particularly if extra celebration individuals are concerned.

As for the tale stuff, I do not know what to assume. I do not in particular agree with Square Enix to make a ‘new’ narrative that is not a whole mess. God is aware of what they are doing with trade timelines and all that nonsense. Maybe Rebirth will defy expectancies and in fact take the arena of Final Fantasy VII in an stress-free new route. I definitely hope that is the case, however I’m no longer precisely making a bet on it.

Ultimately, I’m having a look ahead to seeing the place issues move — however my expectancies will likely be tempered.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Liam Croft, First-Time Final Fantasy VII Player

I love Final Fantasy and I love excellent video video games, so enjoying Final Fantasy VII Remake again at release was once the very best concoction in spite of having by no means performed the unique on PS1. I’ve completely no nostalgia for that vintage revel in, and I completely liked what came about on the finish of Remake. I’m a man who loves video games that move off the rails and get bizarre — the sooner within the tale the simpler — and boy did Square Enix accomplish that. The reality it isn’t actually a “remake” anymore is interesting to me, and I’m right here for no matter occurs in Rebirth.

Square Enix, I’m telling you at the moment: do not persist with the narrative from 1997. Keep Aerith alive. Kill off Tifa. Have Cloud and Sephiroth kiss for all I care. I need essentially the most psychological tale imaginable. Put it this manner: if you are pissing off the hardcore lovers, I’m most certainly going to love it much more.

When I’m in fact enjoying the sport, let’s make the environments larger and open for exploration. I’ve been enjoying Final Fantasy XIII lately and I’m performed with linear hallway after linear hallway. Improve the aspect quests and you have got explanation why to veer off the overwhelmed trail. One of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth screenshots includes a compass with an function over 1,000 metres away, and that provides me hope it can be a rather extra open sport. Or Cloud and Sephiroth may just simply be walking alongside a actually lengthy trail in a flashback scene, I’m informed.

No subject what occurs, despite the fact that, I’m enjoying this sequel. In 2024, since you’re no longer getting Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the similar yr. Sorry!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Sammy Barker, Final Fantasy Casual

I got here to Final Fantasy VII overdue, so I don’t have the integrated nostalgia that many others have. That mentioned, whilst I loved my time with Final Fantasy VII Remake, it left me a bit #Concerned. To be fair, I’ve little or no persistence for anime bullsh*t, and whilst the finishing of the unique basically left me bemused, I don’t assume we’re having a look at a remake anymore. The sequel’s subtitle, Rebirth, even signifies that we’re going to be diverted closely in a distinct route.

I will see how that includes some pleasure for long-running lovers: the place are they going to move subsequent? But for me, I to find it irritating – even bordering on insulting, to be fair. My favorite portions of Final Fantasy VII Remake have been the moments when acquainted scenes have been tailored – no longer essentially beat-for-beat, however recognisable a minimum of. If we’re heading into a distinct timeline, a multiverse if you’ll, then I simply don’t agree with Square Enix’s writing staff to pen one thing cohesive.

From a gameplay viewpoint, I’m lovely glad with what we were given, so iteration on that will likely be grand –a couple of much less Poundland side-quests can be favored, on the other hand. But once more, it’s all in regards to the plot for me: I already really feel it’s been Kingdom Hearts-ed – and I worry issues are about to worsen. Cynicism apart, despite the fact that, I sincerely hope to be confirmed improper.

Are you having a look ahead to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? What are your hopes and desires for the sequel? Vote in our ballot, after which write your individual tale within the feedback phase underneath.

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