Why Doctor Doom Could Show Up within the MCU Before the Fantastic Four Movie

Sadly, cinematic portrayals have failed to compare the greatness of the comics. While the no-budget Roger Corman-produced Doom (performed by means of Joseph Culp) in 1994’s The Fantastic Four has some tacky allure, Julian McMahon performed the nature like a petulant funding banker within the 2000’s films directed by means of Tim Story. The Cronenberg-like model performed by means of Toby Kebbell in 2015 is for sure horrifying, however one word. Given its superb casting thus far, the MCU turns out poised to in any case give Doom his due.

Doom in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Over the years, Doom has interacted together with his fellow leaders of Marvel international locations, together with Wakanda. Driven by means of his huge ego and classist instincts, Doom steadily approaches Black Panther with recognize, admiring T’Challa as a fellow just right chief who laws his nation neatly. And but, it’s that very recognize that makes Doom this type of sour enemy of Black Panther.

In the trendy generation, those hostilities started in earnest all the way through the Doomwar storyline, a six-issue miniseries written by means of Jonathan Maberry, drawn by means of John Romita Jr., Will Conrad, and Scot Eaton, and coloured by means of Dean White. The 2010 miniseries, and its more than a few crossover problems, came about all the way through the Siege storyline, which noticed Norman Osborn working the Marvel Universe after destroying the Skrulls in Secret Invasion

In retaliation, Doom assembles his personal crew known as the Cabal and extends a call for participation to T’Challa. When T’Challa refuses, Doom is so insulted that he sends Namor and the Atlanteans to assault in revenge. Badly overwhelmed by means of the assault, T’Challa has to move the mantle of Black Panther onto his sister Shuri, who leads a crew consisting of Wakandans, the Fantastic Four, and more than a few X-Men in a counter-attack. 

More not too long ago, Doom was once a part of a crew who attacked the Avengers of their base on Avengers Mountain (the frame of a Celestial, frozen within the Arctic, now not not like what we noticed in Eternals). Written by means of Jason Aaron, drawn by means of Juan Frigeri, and coloured by means of David Curiel, the four-part tale “The Death Hunters” in Avengers #51-54 (2021-2022) sees the crew divided between combating off a Multiversal crew of Mephisto variants, the murderous Kid Thanos, and Doom. To meet the villain, T’Challa designs a purple dress from Wakandan science and magic, quickly taking the identify Red Panther. This mixture of will, magic, and era makes Red Panther a fit for Doom, furthering their grudge. 

It’s inconceivable to suppose that Doom received’t play a component within the Phase Six starter Fantastic Four coming in 2024. But his comedian e book previous with Black Panther may just recommend we’ll see Doom even previous. We already were given a touch of the nature when the Mr. Fantastic of Earth 838 joined the Illuminati by the use of Doom’s time portal in Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness, and the professional synopsis for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever undoubtedly leaves room for interplay with Doom’s country Latveria.

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